6 Of The Healthiest Beverages in the World

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Some of the things we drink can be very unhealthy. Milkshakes are full of fat and calories. Store bought smoothies can be full of sugar and additives. But some beverages can actually help us to become healthier individuals. If you’d like to give your health a boost, you can use the following drinks to do so:


Of course water had to be on the list. I know some people think that it’s boring, but it should be a go to for anybody out there who wants to feel and look great. Many people say you only need 2 litres a day, but you can drink up to 4. It’ll help to flush out toxins and fat, as well as keep you naturally hydrated. If you must, add sugar free squash for a bit of flavour. You can also try pieces of fruit to flavour it naturally.

Green Tea

Green tea speeds up the metabolism, and can help us to feel more energised. So many health professionals and athletes drink it, that it’s just too popular to ignore! Some people don’t like the taste, but you can buy flavoured green tea that tastes really fruity!

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is having a moment at the minute, and it isn’t hard to see why. Are you ready for this? One cup has 10 times the power of a cup of green tea! It speeds up the metabolism, clears the body of toxins, and has too many health benefits to name. Buddhist monks have been drinking it for years as it helps to give clarity without the shakiness that coffee can sometimes give. It’s bright green, which can put some people off, but the health benefits are amazing. It’s a real superfood! Add a twist of lemon if you’d prefer a citrus taste.

matcha tea


I bet you didn’t think that coffee would make the list! Coffee is actually a really healthy drink providing you drink too much of it. If you drink too much of it, you can actually raise your cortisol levels, which puts the body under stress. It also makes you store fat. However, one or two cups every day can reduce your risk of so many illnesses. Just by buying coffee grinders and quality coffee, you could be reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia!

Green Juice

Green juice filled with a small amount of fruit and a load of vegetables is a nice treat. It has natural sweetness thanks to the fruit, but a ton of nutrients and vitamins. It doesn’t have all the rubbish they put in store bought juices either. There are so many recipes online for you to try. Some can boost your immune system, while others will help you to feel energised.

Red Wine

A small amount of red wine every day can help to keep the brain healthy. This is another drink that can help with depression, so you shouldn’t feel bad about having a small evening tipple after dinner!

Which of these will you include in your diet now?

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