7 Ways To Maintain Your Mental Health

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We all know that looking after our body is essential. We try to maintain a healthy diet, and we try to hit the gym once a week. There are plenty of health problems associated with your body, and we’re very aware of them. But, what about your mental health? What about your mind? There is comparably less information and resources on keeping the mind healthy. Yet, it’s just as important as your body. It is certainly becoming more common to talk about mental health. However, there’s still a veil over the topic.

In this post, I’ll show you how to keep your mind healthy. Left untamed, things can quickly go downhill. For example, depression and anxiety are very real problems that affect a huge amount of the population. Very few who suffer with these problems actively seek treatment or advice. It all leads to a dark, downward spiral. However, there is help at hand. By following some of the techniques in this post, you can keep your mind sharp and healthy.


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  1. Eat a healthy diet – We all know that a healthy diet is essential for our bodies. Yet, it’s also a great way to keep your mind sharp and healthy. Keeping your mind healthy is all about generating the right energy through food. For example, lots of sugars and caffeine cause extreme highs and lows in the mind. This isn’t necessarily healthy for the brain. However, a long-term, slow-release energy source (like complex carbohydrates) is healthy. Meanwhile, water is an essential part of your brain health. Try to drink two litres a day to stay hydrated and keep your brain energy up.
  1. Find a counsellor – You’ll be surprised how good it feels to talk to someone about your problems. No matter how small your worries or stress, you’ll find relief in a counsellor. This needn’t cost a fortune either. In fact, many companies now offer counselling and mental health assistance as part of their benefits package. You can take advantage of the employee assistance service from Health Assured. Check with your employer to see what is available to you.


Always on the Phone
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  1. Talking to friends and family – If speaking to a counselor feels intimidating, just pick up the phone to your friends or family. When stress builds up, you just need a release and a friendly voice. Simply feeling connected to someone else helps give your mind a small boost of endorphins. Your friends and family will make you laugh, and they’ll always have your back. A quick phone call once a day is all it takes to help you feel better. Strong relationships are at the core of mental health.
  1. Find a change of scenery – Our mental health begins to deteriorate when we’re stuck in the same rut. Routine is something that can slowly grind down your brain, and leave you with feelings of depression. Try to mix up your routine by doing something different with your day. See if you could work from home, or spend the morning working from a coffee shop. Take regular vacations, and get out of the office completely. Take walks and see new places. Break your routine, and get out of that day-to-day rut.


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  1. Find a hobby – Keeping your mind healthy is all about finding those regular hits of endorphins. These are feel-good chemicals in the mind that help relieve tension, and give you a boost of energy. Finding something you love is a great way to get that kick of energy. We spend so much of our lives working, it’s hard to find time for yourself. Try building your hobby into your schedule. You’ve got to make time for the things you love. It’s the little things like listening to music or reading that will simply calm you down.
  1. Exercise your mind – The brain is a muscle, just like any other in the body. It needs regular stimulation to stay fighting fit. When you repeat the same mundane tasks over and over again, the brain lacks stimulation. Our minds are built to learn and digest information. Keep it busy by doing simple puzzles regularly. Even playing video games is a great way to keep your mind sharp and bright.
  1. Exercise your body – Last of all, don’t forget to do some real exercise. Running, cycling, and lifting weights gives us a boost of energy, and releases endorphins into the brain. Try to make time for exercise at least once a week to keep your brain happy.

If you ask me, we don’t focus on our mental health enough. Make sure you fight back with these techniques. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

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