4 Myths About New Moms That Are Simply Not True

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When you are a new mom, the best experience about it will obviously be your baby. Holding your child in your hands and taking care of it will bring so many emotions into play that you may not even be able to control your feelings initially. However, you must also be aware that there are many myths associated with new moms. Below, we look at a few of them.  

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You Can Trust Your ‘Mother’s Instincts’

Somehow, there is an expectation in people that being a mother endows you with some special gift called a ‘mother’s instinct’ that will tell you exactly how to deal with your child. Understand that this is simply not true. In contrast, you might be holding onto parenting books in order to find a way to keep the baby from crying or make them suckle properly. And this is okay,

You Will Bond With The Baby Instantly

Yes, there are women who bond with their children immediately once they see them. But there are also women who will take some time to bond with the child. As such, if you find yourself indifferent to the child initially, don’t panic and think that there is something wrong with you. Remember that you just went through a stressful pregnancy and are recovering. Handle your baby and start feeling them up, and you will soon start bonding with your child.

The Relationship Between You And Your Partner Will Become Closer

Somehow, a baby is seen as a magic thing that will bring you and your partner closer. This is partly true. Initially, both of you will feel a strong surge of happiness at being new parents. But if you fail at handling the child properly, whether caring for it, comforting it while crying it, feeding it, etc. then there is a good chance that you guys might feel stressed out. And if the baby constantly interrupts your nighttime sleep, then things can get quite tense between both of you. So, be aware that such incidents might happen, and both of you will be ready to get through the initial child care days.  

You Need To Do Everything On Your Own

You will need a few days of rest in order to be a healthy new mom and recover fully from the stressful pregnancy you went through. Add to that, you will now have to take care of a toddler who might have a habit of crying at regular intervals for no reason at all. And if you are in charge of your home, then you will stress out on cleaning the house as well. All these can easily break down a new mom and make them feel helpless. So, don’t try to do everything by yourself alone. As your husband to chip in. And if you mother is free, then ask her to stay with you for a few days as well. The more hands there are in the house for the first few days, the better you will be.

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