Altering the Inertia of Your Life

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Inertia of Your Life

Life’s challenges can leave you feeling drained nearly every day. For some people, they’re outright overwhelmed. Controlling as much of your life as possible is a skill that takes practice. The world can be an unusual place at times, but you can spin each day into a positive experience. Alter the inertia of your life so that you can have better days well into the future.

Add a Positive Habit to Your Week

Your week is probably full of responsibilities involving your career and family. They’re always important, but consider an alteration to the routine. A positive habit, such as joining a gym, allows you to work on yourself. Regardless of your self-image, working out on a regular basis improves your health. Your cardiovascular system gains more strength, which allows you to live and thrive for many years. Good-feeling hormones also course through your body. These natural “highs” exhilarate your mind and body systems. Tackling any challenges with this positive habit in your life is much easier than before.

Face Your Fears

An aspect in life that often determines your inevitable pathway is fear. Being scared of the dark or spiders are just a few fears that control your daily routines. Break out of this shell because the mind and body are closely linked, as Ilchi Lee might suggest. Face your fears by doing just that. Visit a museum exhibit on spiders. Spend some time in the dark at home. Understanding that these fears don’t necessarily harm you gives you both mental and physical freedoms.

Tackle a Vice

Everyone has at least one bad habit. Pick a habit that’s particularly troublesome, such as smoking cigarettes. Slowly eliminate this vice from your life. You may require professional help at some point. This life change may be one of the most difficult to face, but it truly makes a difference as you grow older. Don’t let a vice define your life when it can be removed with enough willpower.

Open Yourself Up to Charitable Work

There are countless charities in a given area. Consider your interests, and pick a charity to participate in. If you can give monetary funds, that’s a wonderful start. However, the best way to help a charity is by giving your time. Volunteer at specific events so that the charity has enough people to support their tasks. Homeless shelters, school organizations and other groups are always looking for dedicated people. Support a cause that you feel deeply about to truly feel empowered and helpful in the community.

Take Time For You

It’s incredibly easy to overlook your needs when dinner must be made or the dirty dishes are calling. Always put yourself first, however. Take a half hour out of every day to do something that you enjoy. Reading a book, discovering a hobby and other pursuits enrich your life. Taking time to be you gives you the mental strength to deal with all of life’s challenges.

Humans are social animals. Find a friend who you can depend on during both tough and fun times. Share your innermost feelings with this person so that the exchange can be mutual. Change your energy by being more empathetic towards others around you. The inertia of your life can swing toward a positive pathway as a result.


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