5 tips to starting your MMA career

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The soaring popularity of Mixed Martial Arts has increased the number of young men wanting to figure out whether or not they’ve got what it takes to last in the octagon. The publicity of The Ultimate Fighter and UFC has turned seasoned fighters into celebrities.


It only takes one fight, losing weight, broken feet and numerous hours in the gym to learn what it takes to become a mixed martial artist. As you prepare to kick-off your career in MMA, we suggest that you read the following five tips to become successful.

1. You’ll work extremely hard – meaning lots of burned calories

At the onset of your training in martial arts, your body works in ways it has never worked before which provides an increase in your cardio, strength, and ingenuity. Most people never realize how hard they work even when getting a 1,000, 1200 or even 1,400 calorie-burning session an hour. Absorbing all techniques and details distracts your mind from realizing how hard you are pushing your body.

2. Do your homework before enrolling in a martial arts program

Many martial arts schools are offering an array of classes from which you choose, like Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA just to name a few.

It’s vital that people research on the kind of martial arts they partake in because many studios offer membership programs to individuals who desire to polish their technique. Other training centers provide drop-in-class charges for students who only want to add a class to their current workout program and grasp a few techniques.

Something fundamental as the aesthetic allure of a gym adds to an enhanced experience. Selecting the correct studio and program is vital for commencing your martial arts class on the right foot, thus do your research.

3. Slacking isn’t an option in martial arts  

To adequately experience martial arts; showing up in class every other week won’t cut it. Learning the art takes some time, and practice is mandatory if you wish to see real results. You need to realize that martial art is a way of life and not a pleasurable pastime.

You get to learn new lessons by being tested every day and consistency is mandatory.

You’ll miss out on a lot if you only check in once every couple of months. Look for a reputable school and aim at being a quality student.

4. Gear up

Similar to most sports, the appropriate equipment is necessary for guarding yourself and fellow fighters. Same applies to martial arts; however, equipment varies depending on class. A groin protector and mouthpiece are essential to all martial art classes, and studios sell some of the stuff. Check out some of the equipment on crazy88mma.com.

Other equipment may be class specific. For instance, a Muay Thai trainer needs boxing gloves – usually 20-ounce gloves – and shin guards.

5. Martial arts is for all – big or small

In spite of what you may imagine, not who partakes martial arts is a murderous beast. There is a broad variety of students; six-feet, 5-feet, self-defense is available to everyone.  


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