The Top 5 Gifts to get your Dad for Christmas

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Dads can at times be overlooked when it comes to scouring for a Christmas gift. Whether it’s dull socks, dodgy slippers or another mug, Dad’s tend to the raw end of the festal stick. But should they always be treated as second best?

There is a wealth of mint pressies made especially for dads out there – ranging from futuristic tech devices like Bluetooth speakers to the unorthodox foodie subscriptions if he considers himself to be a dab hand in matters kitchen.

Christmas gift

If you still have no idea of what to get the old man, keep reading. This article is meant to guide you on how to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special man in your life.

1. Golf Gear

Your dad could be a golf enthusiast, or he could just be learning the ropes of the game, either way, buying him golf gear to get him started would be an excellent way to show appreciation for your father.

The new and modern golf gear, would set him apart from his golfing friends and may give him an edge over his peers. We all know how competitive men tend to be, and when he beats his friends, he will undoubtedly want to share the bragging rights with you.

Visit our website to see the various kinds of gear you can buy ranging from pin golf, clubs, putters, drivers and much more.

2. David Bowie: A Life

Perhaps your dad is a music fanatic and an avid reader. The Dylan Jones biography could just make this Christmas his best. This biography is an anthology of opinions and interviews with people that knew him best. The book also covers snippets from David Bowie himself.

Nothing would mean more to your Dad this Christmas than adding a book covering the life and times of a treasured musical icon.

3. Ali: A Life

Perhaps the most extensive and conclusive biography of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, ever published. Regarded as the best boxer of all time, this book is guaranteed to have your Dad glued to his desk. Based on over 500 interviews with people that knew him the most, it charters his career and life. Ali was one of the most enigmatic figures of the twentieth century and one of the most famous. He had a blend of speed and power never seen before his time. Also, a preacher, an actor, a draft resister, fighter for racial pride and a comedian, the book captures just about everything on Ali. Your Dad won’t want to put it down.   

4. Personalized pint glass

Get your father something he’ll cherish forever; a personalized pint glass to add to his collection of favourite glasses. You may add a special message or date to give it a sentimental and unique touch.   

5. Twickenham Stadium Tour

Is your Dad a rugby fan? Send him on a tour of England’s home of rugby. A ticket to Twickenham Stadium tour would undoubtedly make this holiday unforgettable. The tour is a 75-minute stroll around the renowned grounds as well as entry to the World Rugby Museum accompanied by a gift pack.  


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