5 Activities to Try and Help You Build Muscle and Lose Weight

Build Muscle and Lose weight

Building muscles almost always comes with losing weight. This is the reason why many smart fitness enthusiasts know that it is not enough to burn calories and that muscle building must be included in the workout design to improve one’s resting metabolic rate. Muscle building helps one to lose weight faster and avoid reaching the “plateau state” where their fitness level is at its limit and no further physical improvements may happen beyond that point. To achieve a fit and lean physique with minimal body fat, you need to both lose weight and build muscles. For better and faster results, you have to engage in activities that will allow you to do both and do it consistently.

Here are some activities that you can try out to build muscles and lose weight:

  • Prepare a Protein-Rich Diet Everyday

Protein- rich foods are a very important components of many diet programs as they help build bigger and stronger muscles. Protein aids the body in producing the building blocks of muscle development which facilitates muscle growth and maintenance. You can also try different diet programs that include protein- based and other muscle- building foods and substances that suit your preference.

  • Trying Out Healthy Food Supplements

While there are many food supplements in the market today that promises more than what they could do, there are actually ones that are proven to work in helping the body stay well- nourished and aid you in achieving your desired fitness results. These products are patronized by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can see some of their reviews at the Seal Grinder PT.

  • Weight Lifting

Weight- lifting is the most common type of exercise used for building muscles. Though weight lifting has been around since time immemorial, more and more people today are just engaging in this type of workout, not only among men but also women. Many workout programs include weight lifting not only to build, tone, and grow muscles, but also to lose a considerable amount of weight. Experts say cardio exercises are not enough, you must lift weights, too!

  • CrossFit

CrossFit  has become very popular in recent years due to its effectiveness in helping people lose weight fast, and it became a real deal in the world of fitness that many gyms today are offering this program. CrossFit consists of many forms of movement exercises, some of which are targeted at building muscles and improving muscular condition. CrossFit may look hard, but with the right guidance, it can be performed by anyone at any age.

  • Martial Arts

There are different forms of martial arts and some of them require the body to move and exert effort and strength that give way to muscle building and losing weight. Exercise like Krua Thai or Kickboxing and Taekwondo puts emphasis on the use of lower body muscles for self- defense and attacking an opponent. The discipline and hard work it takes to master these self- defense moves can help you reach your fitness goals.

There are various ways to build muscles and lose weight, some may not be as effective as the other depending on your body’s responses. Make sure you choose the one that will provide you with the most benefit for your hard work.


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5 tips to starting your MMA career

The soaring popularity of Mixed Martial Arts has increased the number of young men wanting to figure out whether or not they’ve got what it takes to last in the octagon. The publicity of The Ultimate Fighter and UFC has turned seasoned fighters into celebrities.


It only takes one fight, losing weight, broken feet and numerous hours in the gym to learn what it takes to become a mixed martial artist. As you prepare to kick-off your career in MMA, we suggest that you read the following five tips to become successful.

1. You’ll work extremely hard – meaning lots of burned calories

At the onset of your training in martial arts, your body works in ways it has never worked before which provides an increase in your cardio, strength, and ingenuity. Most people never realize how hard they work even when getting a 1,000, 1200 or even 1,400 calorie-burning session an hour. Absorbing all techniques and details distracts your mind from realizing how hard you are pushing your body.

2. Do your homework before enrolling in a martial arts program

Many martial arts schools are offering an array of classes from which you choose, like Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA just to name a few.

It’s vital that people research on the kind of martial arts they partake in because many studios offer membership programs to individuals who desire to polish their technique. Other training centers provide drop-in-class charges for students who only want to add a class to their current workout program and grasp a few techniques.

Something fundamental as the aesthetic allure of a gym adds to an enhanced experience. Selecting the correct studio and program is vital for commencing your martial arts class on the right foot, thus do your research.

3. Slacking isn’t an option in martial arts  

To adequately experience martial arts; showing up in class every other week won’t cut it. Learning the art takes some time, and practice is mandatory if you wish to see real results. You need to realize that martial art is a way of life and not a pleasurable pastime.

You get to learn new lessons by being tested every day and consistency is mandatory.

You’ll miss out on a lot if you only check in once every couple of months. Look for a reputable school and aim at being a quality student.

4. Gear up

Similar to most sports, the appropriate equipment is necessary for guarding yourself and fellow fighters. Same applies to martial arts; however, equipment varies depending on class. A groin protector and mouthpiece are essential to all martial art classes, and studios sell some of the stuff. Check out some of the equipment on crazy88mma.com.

Other equipment may be class specific. For instance, a Muay Thai trainer needs boxing gloves – usually 20-ounce gloves – and shin guards.

5. Martial arts is for all – big or small

In spite of what you may imagine, not who partakes martial arts is a murderous beast. There is a broad variety of students; six-feet, 5-feet, self-defense is available to everyone.  


4 Ways that cannabidiol can make an impact in your life

Although legal in some places, there is still a stigma attached to marijuana. Even with the benefits that are presented that is the result of years of research, many people are still hesitant because of the negativity attached to the feeling of being “high” which is associated with drug use.

For those who are hesitant, they can go for the option of CBD or cannabidiol instead. What makes this a better option for those hesitant to try marijuana is that does not contain THC, which is the one responsible for the high.

In short, with products like cannabidiol, you get all the medical marijuana without the high, which is what many people want. Check out the ways that Cannabidiol can help improve your life each day.

  1.    It can help alleviate the feeling of anxiety and depression – there are so many people who suffer from anxiety and depression, what with all the stress that they experience in their daily lives. With CBD, your body will feel more balanced and your mood will enhance without having to feel high. In fact, CBD has been known to be an effective treatment for those with PTSD and reduces the effects of psychosis in some individuals.
  2.    It can help with pain relief – CBD is a great alternative to pain relievers. it can treat a chronic pain like back pain from sitting for hours in front of the computer, or maybe a sports injury. While these types of pain may be treated with over-the-counter drugs, the problem with those is that the body learns to adapt and you will have to take in higher doses just to relieve the pain. CBD can even be used to treat pain from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. You can be assured that with CBD, the pain will be alleviated and there is no risk of getting addicted to painkillers.
  3.    It can give you healthier, glowing skin –do you find yourself suffering from frequent breakouts? CBD can actually help slow down the activity of your sebaceous glands, which is what causes pimples to appear in your skin. It helps keep the inflammation at bay and give your skin a healthy youthful glow that you will be proud to show off.
  4.    It can help get rid of your smoking addiction – there’s a lot of benefits you can get from marijuana, but the same cannot be said for cigarettes and tobacco. There are many people who suffer from diseases like stroke, heart attack, lung and oral cancer due to their own smoking addiction or exposure to secondhand smoke. A study has revealed that when smokers are given cannabidiol, they have better chances of curbing their addiction. So if you’ve been wanting to quit smoking for years but you’ve been unsuccessful, try CBD to see if it will be effective for you.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of CBD, cannabidiol is a good product ensures you will get those benefits. You can choose different forms, such as tablet or gel, depending on your preference.


Why Prenatal Vitamins Matter?

If you’re planning a baby, and are considering prenatal vitamins, you’re making the right choice. Even if you’re a health enthusiast, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, there is a possibility that you might not be getting all the essential nutrients from your food. Prenatal vitamins are preferably taken before you try to conceive. Some doctors even recommend these vitamins during the early stages of pregnancy. Unlike normal multivitamin tablets, prenatal vitamins contain more folate and iron, which are very crucial for the baby’s growth and development. While folic acid helps in preventing birth defects of the brain and the spinal cord, iron prevents anemia and enhances the baby’s overall development. Prenatal supplements are also known to curb queasiness to some extent.

prenatal vitamins

What should an ideal prenatal supplements brand contain?

A good prenatal vitamins brand should basically contain folic acid, iron, calcium and Vitamin D. Nowadays there are many brands available which also provide additional nutrients including zinc, copper, vitamin C and much more. It is always advisable to consult your healthcare advisor before buying prenatal vitamins.


Who should take prenatal vitamins?

It’s a must for women who are trying to conceive to take their prenatal vitamins regularly. However, the dosage will differ from woman to woman. Women who have dietary restrictions, health disorders or even complications during their previous pregnancy will be prescribed a higher dosage by their doctors. If you’ve found out you’re pregnant, start your prenatal supplements as soon as possible.


Which prenatal vitamins should you choose?

There are many brands available in the market today. Some of them include Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete, Nature’s Way Alive! Prenatal Gummy and Actif Organics Prenatal Vitamin. Please note: each prenatal vitamins brand has a different percentage of vital nutrients and it is important to consult your doctor to understand what your requirements are, and which brand will be safe and appropriate for yours and your baby’s well-being. You can also go through some excellent brands mentioned in the prenatal vitamin reviews by Prenatals.


Prenatal vitamins for vegans

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you might be missing out on important nutrients which are found in meat, seafood and dairy. Most vegetarians find it difficult to source the best alternatives to the general prenatal vitamins you find in store. Here’s some good news. There are many brands available worldwide which have been consciously manufacturing vegan and vegetarian prenatal supplements to meet special dietary requirements! As well as vitamins, you can also buy DHA supplements which are excellent alternatives to omega-3 fatty acids which are present in fish oil.


Where can you buy prenatal supplements from?

Prenatal vitamins are easily available in any pharmacy, in both tablet and liquid form. If you’re looking for a particular brand that is not available locally, you can easily find them on online healthcare websites. Please remember that these vitamins are not to be consumed without maintaining a proper diet. These are additional supplements which will take care of your baby’s health.


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5 Tips to choosing the right parkour gloves

In an extreme sport like parkour, you need the right accessories that will help you perform better and faster. Before we move further onto the various tips to choosing the best parkour gloves, let us first dig deeper into the Parkour sport so that we can understand why the gloves are important. Parkour is a sport or physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that will help if one is in a reach or escape emergency situations.  With that said, we now know that having the right parkour gloves is not only important, but also determines the safety of your hands. Below are some tips to consider before getting yourself a pair of parkour gloves.

  1.    The material used

Parkour can be practiced in various places. When considering the right parkour gloves, your material preference will be informed by the kind of places that you fancy to train during parkour practice. The type of material that is suitable in the wild or mountains is definitely not the type that would be prescribed for people who train in the gym or indoor arenas. If you are going for durability and endurance, leather parkour gloves are the way to go.

  1.    Comfort of The Glove

People have diverse preferences when it comes to gloves. You might be more comfortable in fingerless gloves. However, to be on the safe side, it is better to have a pair of each especially because of the climate change. When wearing the gloves, you want to always be comfortable. As much as the fingerless gloves can be more comfortable, wearing them when there is a cold weather or when in cold areas could end up numbing your fingers slowing you down and hindering you from improving. It all comes down to personal preference.

  1.    Weight of the Gloves

In most cases, people with wider, thicker and stronger hands (especially men) tend to get gloves that consist of thicker material or more of it, so that they can last longer. This adds to the weight of men’s gloves compared to women’s gloves. Even for the larger sized women’s gloves, the weight is kept light. If the gloves are too heavy, they will most probably slow you down as most weight will be directed to the hands.

  1.    Wrist Strap Used

It is very important (emphasis on “Very Important”) that the wrist strap of your parkour glove is firm. The parkour sport is extreme and intense which means that you would be sweating most of the time. If the strap is not firm enough when doing some of these forceful exercises, the probability of the glove slipping off is high. This may lead to tripping, which may cause serious injuries and that’s why ensuring that the strap is firm is really important. The strip should also not be too tight as this may interfere with the blood circulation to your hands.

  1.    Consider the price

Parkour gloves provide a very powerful grip. However, over time the grip will weaken because of friction against different surfaces. With this in mind, you will find that gloves will need to be replaced as often as your shoes. This means that if you wear them regularly, it most definitely won’t be a one time purchase. As had mentioned earlier, if you are going for durability and endurance, leather parkour gloves are the best option.Alternatively go for the relatively cheap ones to avoid spending too much on a product that needs regular replacement.

Parkour gloves are an essential accessory when doing the extreme sports as they protect your hands from injury. When choosing the right parkour gloves for you, it always comes down to your preference, taste and what makes you feel comfortable.

Altering the Inertia of Your Life

Inertia of Your Life

Life’s challenges can leave you feeling drained nearly every day. For some people, they’re outright overwhelmed. Controlling as much of your life as possible is a skill that takes practice. The world can be an unusual place at times, but you can spin each day into a positive experience. Alter the inertia of your life so that you can have better days well into the future.

Add a Positive Habit to Your Week

Your week is probably full of responsibilities involving your career and family. They’re always important, but consider an alteration to the routine. A positive habit, such as joining a gym, allows you to work on yourself. Regardless of your self-image, working out on a regular basis improves your health. Your cardiovascular system gains more strength, which allows you to live and thrive for many years. Good-feeling hormones also course through your body. These natural “highs” exhilarate your mind and body systems. Tackling any challenges with this positive habit in your life is much easier than before.

Face Your Fears

An aspect in life that often determines your inevitable pathway is fear. Being scared of the dark or spiders are just a few fears that control your daily routines. Break out of this shell because the mind and body are closely linked, as Ilchi Lee might suggest. Face your fears by doing just that. Visit a museum exhibit on spiders. Spend some time in the dark at home. Understanding that these fears don’t necessarily harm you gives you both mental and physical freedoms.

Tackle a Vice

Everyone has at least one bad habit. Pick a habit that’s particularly troublesome, such as smoking cigarettes. Slowly eliminate this vice from your life. You may require professional help at some point. This life change may be one of the most difficult to face, but it truly makes a difference as you grow older. Don’t let a vice define your life when it can be removed with enough willpower.

Open Yourself Up to Charitable Work

There are countless charities in a given area. Consider your interests, and pick a charity to participate in. If you can give monetary funds, that’s a wonderful start. However, the best way to help a charity is by giving your time. Volunteer at specific events so that the charity has enough people to support their tasks. Homeless shelters, school organizations and other groups are always looking for dedicated people. Support a cause that you feel deeply about to truly feel empowered and helpful in the community.

Take Time For You

It’s incredibly easy to overlook your needs when dinner must be made or the dirty dishes are calling. Always put yourself first, however. Take a half hour out of every day to do something that you enjoy. Reading a book, discovering a hobby and other pursuits enrich your life. Taking time to be you gives you the mental strength to deal with all of life’s challenges.

Humans are social animals. Find a friend who you can depend on during both tough and fun times. Share your innermost feelings with this person so that the exchange can be mutual. Change your energy by being more empathetic towards others around you. The inertia of your life can swing toward a positive pathway as a result.


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