Bad Hair Day? Change it with a Crochet!

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It is no secret to everyone that hair maintenance is one of the hardest tasks that we have to deal with in our living days. One missed day can make our hair brittle, or look frizzy. It is especially annoying on days when you have to go out with your friends, or on days when you have to visit a formal occasion. However, why do we continue to pamper our hair?

Aside from being taught that proper hygiene is the key to beauty, the answer comes in the form of our identity. For most people, our hair is our identity. It holds true for males and their sharp haircuts, but holds the strongest for us females. For us, our hair is our identity. Some would even go as far as calling it as their life. It tells who we are, and how we style it is how we wish to present ourselves. We want to be beautiful regardless of what society tells us to be.

We experiment with our hair in order to bring out our innermost beauty, even at the cost of destroying. We dye our hair in hopes to catch other’s attention, or just simply wish to bring out our inner quirkiness. We also style and cut our hair in different unique ways that show off our personality, and how perfectly it captures us. However, with all of these trends, they usually come at a cost of a high price and high risk. So, how do we show our beauty without risking damage to our hair? The answer comes in the form of braids.

Recently, crochet hair and braids have become a trend once again. Despite having existed for thousands of years, braids are still the epitome of flawless beauty. It is of low maintenance, yet it perfectly brings out a woman’s beauty if done correctly.Only take a look at different runways that showcase just how beautiful braids can make a person out to be. Even more so if you take a look around you in public areas, and just notice how eye catching they are.

Countless sites provide tutorials on how to braid one’s hair through various styles. I remember when I was younger, and I used to do braids for myself. Unfortunately, I never really learned more than a French braid, but currently, there are countless braids out there to try out: like half up braids, waterfall braids, crown braids, and many more! However, to do such a thing on days where your hair decides to make a mess out of itself is pretty hard.

Fortunately, remedies for that come in the form of hair products like moisturizers, and wigs like human crochet hair to lessen the amount of time to prepare your hair, but also save just enough to get prepared on everything else in your list.

Basic Guide in Finding the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Every woman wants to experience a new major hair makeover but can’t decide on the best cut that will bring out not only a new look but a lively and gorgeous hair easier to manage as well. There are a lot of different hairstyles to choose from that we see in the hair magazines. And because more often than not we cannot find and decide which cut will suit us, thus, we just tend to consult the salon hairstylist upon sitting on the salon chair.

Though it is alright to seek consultation from your hairstylist, it is essential to know the important considerations in choosing a new hairdo. You should first consider your facial features. The shape of your face, your hair type and lifestyle can help you decide on the style of the hair cut that will complement your looks.

Using the sassy hair  guide below can help determine your face shape and hairstyles that will suit you.

hairstyle for 6 face shapes

5 of the best party hair looks

If you have a party that is coming up soon and you want to look great, there are a couple of main things on which you have to focus. The outfit is definitely one of the things which deserve your special attention. However, the hair and the make-up are also very important and they will probably take most of your time. If you want to have the perfect look, you have to put aside enough time for preparations. Based on the type of hairstyle, make-up and outfit that you choose, you can try to estimate the approximate time which you will need to get ready for your party. This way you will avoid any complications and won’t worry about making a bad impressions by arriving late.




Preparing for a party is not always as easy as it seems. You might think that you have enough time for everything, but things can easily go wrong. Therefore, it will be best to you begin early with the preparations, so that you can dedicate enough time to every part of your look. You can choose a party hair look and make-up earlier, so that you don’t waste time wondering a couple of hours before the party.

When it comes to party hair looks there are million different choices. If you want to have the perfect look, however, your hair must be clean first. This way you will be able to achieve easier the result you want and it might be even possible to preserve your party hair look for longer. Once your hair is perfectly clean, you can begin with the preparations. You will find some ideas below which are suitable for any type of hair and are not hard at all:

  • Ballerina bun – This is a classic hair look which can be made for a formal dinner party or a Christmas party with your colleagues, for instance. If you combine it with nice earrings, you will look really great. First wash your hair, and while it is still damp you can spray it with a product which will make it shiny and smooth. Then make a ponytail and you can use a sock bun to make the round shape.
  • Romantic bun – If you are going to a dinner party with your friends and you want a less formal look for your hair, you can try the romantic side bun. It is similar to the ballerina bun but this time you can give extra volume to your hair when you dry it. You have to make the ponytail on the side and then turn it into a knot. Use bobby pins, so that it doesn’t fall apart.
  • Curly ends – This is a really stylish look and many movie stars and singers like to use it. You will need a large brush with which you can twist your hair in the ends. You can split it into two sections and make some curls around the face and in the lower parts of your hair. Use a hairspray to fixate the curls.
  • Loose waves – There is nothing more romantic than the loose waves hairstyle. It is incredibly easy to make and it doesn’t require any specific tools or products. You need to give to your hair more volume than usual, and one way to do it is to blow dry it upside-down. Then use a curling iron to make some loose waves in your hair.
  • Curly hairstyle – If you want to look more feminine, making curls is the best way to do it. There are different tools you can use to achieve this effect but most of them are harmful for the structure of your hair. Instead, you can purchase a special mousse or some other product which enhances the curling and apply it to your wet hair. You can use a diffuser to give a better form to your curls and spray them to keep them in shape.


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Hot Hairstyles To Try this Summer

There’s no denying it, women changes hairstyle with every change of season. And this summer, women will surely be on the lookout for hot hairstyles to try out! It is easy enough to decide on a short pixie cut but you can actually enjoy several updos which are suited for those laidback beach bumming or late night beach parties. Basically summer hairstyles incorporate some sort of ponytail so it’s simple and takes only a couple of minutes to polish up.



The Side Bun – Gather your hair up into a side ponytail and secure it with an elastic tie. If you are going to use an accessory, make sure it faces front as you secure it. So just wrap it around the base and hold everything in place with some bobby pins. It’s elegant, fun and easy!


Japanese Top Bun – first, gather your hair in a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie similar with the color of your hair. Secure the pony but leave a loop where you will tuck the end of the ponytail to form a bun. Fan out the bun slightly then secure in place with some bobby pins.


Side Knot Braid – this fabulous hairstyle starts with a side ponytail and then braided together. Perfect for women with long hair, secure the braid with a tie and gently fluff out the braid to get more volume. Slowly twist the braided portion around itself to create a bun then secure in place with tropical accessory!


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Five Superfoods that Create Healthier Hair

Diet is essential to creating and maintaining lustrous, healthy hair; it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We often forget that hair is a living, breathing organism like any other part of our body, and that it is nourished by the same nutrients necessary for the health of our bodies from our legs to our lungs. But each part also has nutritional requirements that are unique to helping them function at their optimal level. Medieval physicians used to believe that food which resembled certain parts of the body were those that were most healthy for them; for instance, they believed that beetroot for good for the blood. While this theory had some definite short comings, there are some instances in which it holds up, such as that the shiny, glistening scales of fish meant that fish was good for your hair; this turns out to be true! is made for sharing information with you about how to reverse the symptoms of damaged hair and look after it’s long-term health. Below is a list of foods, based thankfully on twenty first century science, which will give you luscious, glossy and healthy hair. (And p.s., beetroot is actually good for your blood!)

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The essential omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, and iron found in fish are vital to maintaining a healthy scalp, which accordingly creates healthy hair. Omega-3 prevents the skin of your scalp from drying out, which causes dandruff and dull hair.


Eating an inadequate amount of protein can produce weak and brittle hair, and in extreme cases can lead to a loss of hair colour. Legumes provide protein to promote hair growth and also contain iron, zinc, and biotin.

Egg Yolk

Biotin, also called vitamin H, is a vitamin of the B complex, and is found in legumes and also egg yolk, liver and yeast. Think twice about those egg white omelettes (they taste terrible anyway). A deficiency in biotin intake can cause brittle hair and can lead to hair loss.


Nuts contain high sources of selenium which is very important for a healthy scalpand preventing dryness of the skin and hair. Alpha-linolenic acid and zinc are also found in some nuts; alpha-linolenic acid creates a glossy effect for hair and zinc counteracts excessive hair shedding.

Dark Green

Dark green vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins A and C, which help create and regulate a healthy production of sebum. Sebum is an oil produced by the glands of your scalp; too much and your hair appears oily, too little and it appears dry. Followers the ‘no-poo’ movement (yes, that is actually what it’s called) believe that many commercial shampoos strip too much sebum from your hair, which then causes the glands to produce an excessive amount of it to compensate, which gives the hair a greasy appearance; and so the vicious cycle continues. Healthy doses of vitamins A and C can help to naturally regulate an optimum level of sebum production.

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