Uses of Hot and Cold Compress

The hot and cold compress are valuable home remedy treatments used to soothe common body aches and pains and when to use it depends on the medical condition.

A cold compress is very easy to prepare, just simply put ice cubes in a plastic water bag and it’s ready to use while the hot compress can be made by filling a rubber water bag with warm water, but you need to be extra careful in preparing a hot compress, never use boiling water to fill in the rubber bag for it might melt the bag or could burn the skin when directly applied.  Better yet, it would be safer to just buy a ready made preparation available in drugstores which when soaked in hot or cold water will stay hot or cold for a matter of an hour or so.

hot and cold compress

The following are the Medical Conditions on when to use a Hot or Cold Compress.  Continue reading “Uses of Hot and Cold Compress”