4 Reasons fitness is important to your health

Almost everyone you meet in this lifetime would want to live a long, healthy and successful life.  One of the best ways to be healthy is to be fit.

While many take physical activities and go to the gym in order to have that toned arms and trim waist, fitness is not just about looking good. More than anything, exercise and physical activity will have a big impact on your health. What is good about exercise is that you don’t need to spend hours at the gym in order to be healthy. Sometimes, all you need is proper gear, such as the ones from emerge fitness, and half an hour every day in order to get fit and healthy.


If you still need more convincing, read the list below for some reasons on why you should prioritize your fitness in order to be healthy.

1. It lowers your risk of getting a disease – if you do your research, you’ll find that you can lower the risk of getting serious diseases if you have a high fitness level. What are those diseases? Type 2 diabetes for one, and of course, there’s heart disease, stroke and even some types of cancer. Obesity is one of the causes of all these diseases, and if you don’t exercise and still continue to eat fatty foods, you will surely gain weight. But if you stick to your exercise routine, you will be doing your body a whole lot of good.

2. It can help alleviate back pain – do you suffer from chronic back pain? Some people experience such pain that it prevents them from doing their jobs or just enjoying activities. When you prioritize fitness, it will greatly help with your back pain. Physical activities, such as exercise helps to strengthen your muscles, especially in the core area and that can help alleviate back pain. You can also do stretches every day in order to ease the back pain.

3. It can improve the quality of your life – there’s just something about exercise that uplift one’s mood. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when you exercise, your body releases endorphins which creates a positive feeling in your body. It could also be because when you aimed to be fit and start exercising, you find your stamina increasing, and you now have more energy to do what you love. Instead of being too exhausted after a day’s work, you can carve time to go out with your wife on dates, or play a game or two with your children.

4. It can also improve your mental health – health is not just about physical health, but mental health too. As stated above, being physically fit may bring positive thoughts as you find yourself enjoying your life more and more. Exercise can also help you sleep better, and we all know how important sleep is. When you find yourself motivated and able to do the things that you like, you are happier and more content with your life.


5 Ways to Workout at Home Without Equipment

You can keep fit without having to enroll in a gym. In fact, you can work out at home without equipment and still achieve your fitness goals. If you are going through hard financial times, you should avoid the gym because some of them are very expensive. You should focus on using the weight of your body to remain in good shape.  Training from the comfort of your home is fun because you have plenty of space to yourself. You can also workout at your own convenience. However, you must be committed because you are only answerable to yourself. Below are some tested and proven ways of burning extra calories at home without using any equipment such as treadmill and dumbbells among others.

  1. Military Pushups

You don’t need any equipment when doing push ups. Simply lie on the floor on your stomach and raise your body from the chest all the way to the waist so that your ankles are aligned to the rest of the body. You should then proceed by pushing your body slowly downwards until the chest touches the floor. These exercises help in stretching biceps and the muscles that are around the shoulders and chest. When getting started with pushups, you should aim to do at least 10 repetitions.

Once you are able to reach the target, you should focus on increasing the sets of repetitions. 10 sets of repetitions are highly recommended for beginners. Since this exercise is tough, you should do it on a flat surface that’s free from debris. Moreover, you can opt to do pushups on your knees or on full body length. Whichever option you take, you should not be too hard on yourself. In fact, you should rest for not more than 3 minutes between the sets. You can get more insights by watching best workout videos for men.

  1. Sit Ups

You can never go wrong with sit ups. They are very efficient in burning fat around your stomach and waistline. There are several variations of sit ups. You can lie down on your back, fold your arms against the chest so that you are able to touch your shoulders. In the second variation, You can put your hands behind your head. Alternatively, you can put your hands on the floor. Your legs should be joined at the ankles and knees raised at an angle of 90 degrees. While still in that position, you should lower your upper torso to the floor until the low back comes into contact with the floor. You should repeat this exercise 10 times.

  1. Leg Raises

Leg raises are great for toning the muscles in the abdomen and the legs. To get started with leg raises, simply spread a mat on a flat surface and lie on top of it on your back. Once you are set, you should raise your legs at least 2 foot from the ground and bring them down just a few inches to the floor and then take them up again. 10 sets of ten repetitions should be enough for a beginner. However, you should never attempt to raise your hands when raising the legs because they will offload the weight of your legs.

  1. Jogging on One Spot

With this exercise, you don’t have to step out of the house. It’s actually the best alternative for those who can’t afford to buy a treadmill. All you have to do is wear your trainers and start running on one spot. You can run jog 4 or 5 steps forward and then reverse to the starting point. Jogging for 30 to 40 minutes will definitely help you burn hundreds of calories.

  1. Squats

Squats are good for stretching the muscles of your legs. They are pretty simple because they can be done anywhere. You simply stand on your feet and try to sit on an imaginary chair and raise your upper torso again. However, you should make sure that your back remains upright as you go up and down. You should never hold on to anything when doing squats. It’s advisable you do 10 sets of squats everyday for results to start showing.

5 Activities to Try and Help You Build Muscle and Lose Weight

Build Muscle and Lose weight

Building muscles almost always comes with losing weight. This is the reason why many smart fitness enthusiasts know that it is not enough to burn calories and that muscle building must be included in the workout design to improve one’s resting metabolic rate. Muscle building helps one to lose weight faster and avoid reaching the “plateau state” where their fitness level is at its limit and no further physical improvements may happen beyond that point. To achieve a fit and lean physique with minimal body fat, you need to both lose weight and build muscles. For better and faster results, you have to engage in activities that will allow you to do both and do it consistently.

Here are some activities that you can try out to build muscles and lose weight:

  • Prepare a Protein-Rich Diet Everyday

Protein- rich foods are a very important components of many diet programs as they help build bigger and stronger muscles. Protein aids the body in producing the building blocks of muscle development which facilitates muscle growth and maintenance. You can also try different diet programs that include protein- based and other muscle- building foods and substances that suit your preference.

  • Trying Out Healthy Food Supplements

While there are many food supplements in the market today that promises more than what they could do, there are actually ones that are proven to work in helping the body stay well- nourished and aid you in achieving your desired fitness results. These products are patronized by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can see some of their reviews at the Seal Grinder PT.

  • Weight Lifting

Weight- lifting is the most common type of exercise used for building muscles. Though weight lifting has been around since time immemorial, more and more people today are just engaging in this type of workout, not only among men but also women. Many workout programs include weight lifting not only to build, tone, and grow muscles, but also to lose a considerable amount of weight. Experts say cardio exercises are not enough, you must lift weights, too!

  • CrossFit

CrossFit  has become very popular in recent years due to its effectiveness in helping people lose weight fast, and it became a real deal in the world of fitness that many gyms today are offering this program. CrossFit consists of many forms of movement exercises, some of which are targeted at building muscles and improving muscular condition. CrossFit may look hard, but with the right guidance, it can be performed by anyone at any age.

  • Martial Arts

There are different forms of martial arts and some of them require the body to move and exert effort and strength that give way to muscle building and losing weight. Exercise like Krua Thai or Kickboxing and Taekwondo puts emphasis on the use of lower body muscles for self- defense and attacking an opponent. The discipline and hard work it takes to master these self- defense moves can help you reach your fitness goals.

There are various ways to build muscles and lose weight, some may not be as effective as the other depending on your body’s responses. Make sure you choose the one that will provide you with the most benefit for your hard work.


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5 Tips to improving your physical health in 2018

A fit and healthy body is the most useful and important tool in achieving your dreams. Without a properly nourished body, one won’t have the capabilities to perform physical activities in an effective and efficient manner. Thus, if you have set your future goals and is dead serious about working for it, then getting a fit and healthy physical body should be one of your main priorities. And to help you with just that, our expert friend Mark talks about orgain or organic foods and its benefits to our bodies have gladly shared us with 5 of his own personal tips to improving the physical health.

  1. Balanced Diet

Food and water is the gasoline that supplies the body with energy-giving nutrients that will allow our bodies to move and react. And just like with cars, if you supply it with the wrong type or a low-quality gasoline, then the car will most likely perform poorly or even not move at all. The same logic applies to our bodies and food. With a balanced diet, our bodies will have the necessary supply of nutrients and minerals that will surely energize and make the body stay alert at all times.

Maintaining a balanced diet is actually quite easy, as long as you include the basic Go, Grow and Glow foods in your meals, then you will be set. Although, if you are a picky eater, then it is best for you to visit a registered dietician that will help you make the healthiest diet for you.

  1. Regular Exercise

Our bodies are composed of living muscles, nerves, and tissues. Meaning the more you train them, the stronger and the more effective they become. In fact, all body and health experts around the world can agree to the fact that a regular exercise is essential to achieving a healthy physical body.

If you don’t have the time to hit the gym or have quick morning jobs, then there are always those easy routines that can be easily performed while inside your room or house. Stretching upon waking up and when going to sleep is also a good form of exercise.

  1. Relax and de-stress every once in a while

Every once in a while, reward your body by pampering it through massage parlors and spas. Breaks are necessary to relieve the stress accumulated in your muscles and body. Stress is a major contributor to fatigue and illness, so the more stress accumulated in your body, the higher the chances of you getting sick or easily tired.

  1. Social and Spiritual Health

Your mental and spiritual state has a significant impact on your physical health. The happier and more contented you are, the better your body’s condition will be. Try to maintain a healthy spiritual and social life by getting connected with God and surrounding yourself with positive and happy people.

  1. Get enough sleep

And last but not the least, in order to improve your physical health, getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily is very important. Sleeping is the only time where your muscles and bodies shuts off and regenerates. Thus, the more time you give them to regenerate, the better your body will be.


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Improve Agility and Fitness by Training like an Athlete


Are you looking for the finest ways of improving upon your speed with the next marathon coming up soon? Are you in awe of certain gym-goers who have managed to build their muscles the right way, and in the least possible time? How would you like to enhance your agility metrics by getting the most essential tips from experts and top trainers in the industry? If the answers to these and related queries are in the affirmative, then you would love to read what follows below to train like an athlete. These tips will come in handy to increase your fitness levels, speed and agility alike. They will help in making your athletic performance better, regardless of which sport you pursue.

Relax & Release

Deep tissue work or myofascial release deactivates aggravating muscle knots and increases the suppleness levels of your body. You may like to invest in a lacrosse ball, softball, foam roller, golf ball, or a minimalistic massage stick to go about the task on your own. As per experts in the world of training, you need to make smooth passes, and in case you get to feel any tightness or knots, you just have to roll out the specific point for a while to allow the particular area to soften and relax. There are certain muscle groups that tend to get inflamed when you are going about your movements; especially when we train like an athlete. As the presence of tight glutes hinders your ability to jump, squat and bend, the tissue work is best performed before workouts to get prepared for action, and post-workout for the purposes of recovery.

Activating your Muscles

Bands are wonderful products for training your body to do the so far impossible actions. Your muscles will react and contract as a response to the resistance and force created by the band. In turn, the act will give you adequate stability to stabilize your joints and make them stronger and more agile than before. You may like to try out vertical pulls to activate your muscles post the self-myofascial release for best results.

Turn your lights off

When you slip into slumber you allow your body to go into a level that is crucial for aiding the anabolic state of growth. Given this fact, it is important that you allow yourself a good seven to nine hours of sleep every night, and at a stretch. As most active gym goers have a full day’s work in front of them, they need this quantum of sleep before or after performing their workouts.

Concentrate on compound movements

Lastly, it is essential to lay focus on compound movements of the likes of squats, overhead presses, power cleans, and deadlifts; these movements are known to use multiple joints at the same time and give optimal results. The idea lies in using more muscles at the same time so that more muscle mass can be gained with minimal efforts.

These and other related tips from expert instructors will surely help you train like an athlete – just go for them!

5 Tips to Building a Home Gym

The convenience of having your own home gym can’t be underscored. Many people want to have a gym that they can easily have access to at anytime of the day for their workouts. Best for stay at home moms and home based workers, home gyms are gaining tremendous popularity overtime. Many are now beginning to remodel their homes and adding additional spaces for their own gym and some are already enjoying it. Some people are now employing the help of firms like this one found in garagegymbuilder.com for a faster and more efficient home gym building. And while some are still hesitant having their own home gym due to the cost of construction and equipment, they are also beginning to realize the long term cost-effectiveness of saving time and not having to pay for a monthly subscription.

home gym

If you are clueless on how to start building your own home gym, these tips can be very helpful:

  • Find the Right Spot

Look for a sufficient space in your home to setup your gym. It can be an old spacious storage room, old study rooms, extra space in the living room, some space in the patio, or if you have none of these to accommodate your plan, go for building additional space. It can be an extension of your home or a separate space within your property. Whatever it is, be mindful of the sufficiency of the space to make sure you can work out effectively.

  • Plan out the Atmosphere

The atmosphere if your home gym is very important. You want it to be motivating and less dull, or you will risk being uninspired to consistently exercise. Design the walls with some motivating visuals or you may opt for some glass walls to get a good view of the outside; depending on your preference.  Whichever way you want to design it, make sure that it perfectly suits your personality and that it can motivate you.

  • Set a Budget

Unless you have a multi-million fortune to spend on your home gym, you need to set a clear budget. Construction and equipment cost can be overwhelming and you may easily overspend so make sure your purchases are anchored on a well-thought of budget.

  • Buy the Essentials before the Add-ons

When you start shopping for gym equipment, make sure you have the basics bought first. These are equipment and machines that must be found in the gym or those that are necessary for your program. You may ask a professional trainer or your very own trainer to help you choose the equipment and machines. After that, you may start buying add-ons if your budget still allows. Go for those brands that offer a perfect balance between price and quality.

  • Arrange it To Your Heart’s Content

If you already have everything you need, it is time to put things in order. Your interior design must suit your personality to make sure you stay motivated and inspired. After that, you can start on your fitness journey.

Make sure you ask the help of professionals if you are unsure in some areas especially in the construction of your home gym.

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