A Chef’s Guide to Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden

Incorporating fresh herbs into most culinary projects is the perfect way to enhance flavor and to add a touch of vibrant green color to make a dish come alive. Packages of fresh herbs from the market, however, often result in a portion of the purchase rotting away until discarded. By growing a kitchen herb garden, you will be able to snip only the amount needed for a recipe. Herbs will be very fresh when harvested moments before their rendezvous with the destined cooking pot.

kitchen herb garden
photo credits: freedigitalphotos.net

Glorious Gardens Great and Small

If you reside in a home with a sizeable yard for a garden plot, herbs may be planted in the ground. Whether you choose to landscape edges of a lengthy walkway with a mix of herbs and seasonal blooms, with large bushes of rosemary to accent corners of the path, or opt for traditional raised beds with defined sections for different varieties, herbs will thrive. Many herbs such as thyme, chives and oregano, are perennial. Homes with kitchen entrances that step outdoors onto a deck or patio offer the added bonus of simply stepping just outside of the kitchen to cut herbs from pots arranged decoratively around the outdoor living space. Apartment dwellers can also reap the benefits of a kitchen herb garden. If the kitchen boasts a large and sunny window, decorate the sill with a row of matching flowerpots, each planted with a different herb. Alternately, invest in a plant rack or bakers rack to position outdoors on the patio or balcony and line the shelves with potted herbs.  Continue reading “A Chef’s Guide to Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden”