Things You Should Always Remember About Home Remedies

There are moment in lives when things go wrong and our health is negatively affected based on various things that happen. Since so many are naturally afraid of doctors, they will turn towards home remedies. The truth is that many of the remedies are great and can help you out a lot. Nobody can actually deny that. However, this is not the case with many of the remedies.

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The big problem with home remedies presented on the internet is that they will simply not work. They are offered based on information that is currently outdated. In fact, some of the remedies actually end up damaging your body even more so you have to be careful what you read online.

The good news is that we are faced with some really good home remedies that can definitely be used in order to solve so many problems. You just need to visit websites that are a high authority in the industry like The bad news is that most people out there will end up simply trusting the very first home remedy that they find online. They will treat the condition that they have with what is found online and that is never a great idea.

Unfortunately, every single day there are people out there that end up in a serious condition as they simply choose home remedies instead of going to the doctor. As a simple rule of thumb, what you need to do is always go to a medic in the event that you feel that your body is not in great health. Talk with the specialist and then see if there are some home remedies that can be considered. Discuss them with the doctor. A really good medic will always let you know if the remedy should be considered or not. Contrary to popular belief, doctors do want you to use home remedies in the event that they are suitable.

In the event that you want to try home remedies and you do not have the time to go to the doctor, you can easily use the internet in order to learn information. However, you should never stick to what is presented on just one website. Have patience and basically double check every single remedy that you are going to find on the internet. In the event that there are many professionals out there that recommend the remedy, you can easily give it a try. Just be 100% sure that you do not need prescription medication. If that is the case, you have to always look for the regular approach.

Always remember that there are some people out there that will do all that they can in order to trick you into buying something, although the remedy is not of the quality that is presented. You should be careful and basically remember the double check factor mentioned above. That is what will help you out the most and it is basically the most important fact that you should remember. Have patience and never hurry the choice process.


The Shiatsu Home Self Massage

One of the best ways to relax, to loosen up and to manage stress, nausea and muscle pain is through Shiatsu Self Massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese word which means  finger pressure. Applying the finger, thumb palm pressure in a constant and continuous rhythmic pattern to energetic pathways (meridians) will perk up and improve the flow of imbalanced natural form of energy called “qi” through the body.  Using pressure to specific body points will relax the excessively active nervous system which helps to improve blood circulation, relieves stiff muscles and lessens stress.


Below is a chart to serve as a guide.  I bought it in the bookstore and it does wonders for me and my husband especially after a tiring day’s work.


I also have this wooden roller that we use to massage our aching backs.

Ways to Send-off the Sniffles

It’s the season for cough, colds and the sniffles once again. While many people look forward to the cooler weather of monsoon months, most moms are more worried about seeing the signs and symptoms of the sniffles and flu in their children. Being in close spaces with people during the rainy months will make you more prone to catching viruses and bacteria. Here are some tips to help you protect your family from catching the colds.


  • Wash hands regularly. Since the rain puts you indoors and in close spaces with a lot of people, you are prone to picking up the cold virus more easily. Washing hands frequently and efficiently will kill bacteria and virus that carries common diseases including colds.
  • Wipe your things. Disinfecting is very important especially if someone in the house is sick. Wipe clean your countertops, dining table, study tables, remote control, telephone and even your kid’s toys.
  • Strengthen your immune system. Help boost your immune system to ward of bacteria and virus attack. De-stress, have enough sleep and exercise. Be sure to improve your diet as well to get all the nutrition you need from the food you intake. Vitamins and supplements are also helpful during these times of the year.


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Uses of Hot and Cold Compress

The hot and cold compress are valuable home remedy treatments used to soothe common body aches and pains and when to use it depends on the medical condition.

A cold compress is very easy to prepare, just simply put ice cubes in a plastic water bag and it’s ready to use while the hot compress can be made by filling a rubber water bag with warm water, but you need to be extra careful in preparing a hot compress, never use boiling water to fill in the rubber bag for it might melt the bag or could burn the skin when directly applied.  Better yet, it would be safer to just buy a ready made preparation available in drugstores which when soaked in hot or cold water will stay hot or cold for a matter of an hour or so.

hot and cold compress

The following are the Medical Conditions on when to use a Hot or Cold Compress.  Continue reading “Uses of Hot and Cold Compress”