The important role food plays in your performance

If you want to be healthy and to have a good figure, it is not enough just to workout every day. Most people think that if they train hard and go on a diet, they will achieve the desired results immediately. Exercising is certainly important, but so are the things that you eat. You don’t need any diets but simply a healthy eating plan which includes fruit, nuts, meat and many other things. You don’t even have to give up on chocolate, you simply need to limit the amount you eat every day. Everything is possible, if you simply understand that food plays an important role in your workout too. To perform better and to have more energy every day, you can focus on making an eating plan which is suitable for your body. It is also important to undergo nutritional testing to better diagnose vitamin and mineral deficiencies or which particular vitamin is overabundant. This way you can do a better meal plan that will fit your body needs.

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Eating better will help you stay healthy but it will also make your workout more effective. You can improve significantly your performance, if you simply pay more attention to the food which you eat every day. I am not talking about a strict diet which forbids you from eating chocolate and other things that you love, but for an eating plan which will prevent any overeating and gaining of weight.

To make your body stronger and to manage your weight easier, you have to cleanse it from the harmful toxins by drinking a lot of mineral water and learning to eat better. The junk food can be responsible for the fact that you often feel bloated, stressed and tired. The lack of energy, on the other hand, will influence your performance in the gym and reduce the effect of your workout. Therefore, the first step you need to take is to cleanse your organism from all the toxins which are making you feel bad.

If you wonder which food is best for you and how the things you eat could influence your workout  You can look below.

  • The good food can make you more energetic – Whether you workout because you want to lose some weight or because you want to be healthy, you will definitely need a lot of energy. The stress from your job and all other tasks that you have to do every day, combined with bad food, can make you feel too tired for training. However, once you start working out, you will see that you will feel more energetic. If you want to feel even better, you can start eating more almonds, walnuts, cashews and other kinds of nuts.
  • The proper food will help you manage your weight – One of the main reasons why people decide to start visiting the gym is to lose weight. If you are still wondering whether or not you should do that too, I suggest you consult with a professional first. You can have your personal trainer who can help you not only with the training but also with the food. He or she can create for you a special eating plan, based on the needs of your body, which combined with intensive exercises will make you lose weight faster. You will be able to reach the desired results without jeopardising your health in any way.
  • With a healthy eating plan you will achieve your goals faster – A diet might help you with your weight problem for sure, but with an eating plan you will certainly achieve better results without putting your health at risk. As long as you don’t overeat, you will feel much better and this will certainly have a positive influence on your performance at the gym. In order to look and feel good, you don’t have to give up on anything, just learn to eat little but more often.

The Big 3 of Bathing Health Benefits

It is often spoken about how water is essential in daily life. Water has so many health benefits that it is often forgotten, or unknown by many. We know that, at the very least, we can live for roughly a month without eating, but cannot live longer if it weren’t for drinking water. It is drilled into us since childhood that we should take baths every day to maintain our hygiene, and stay hydrated in order not to get sick. As adults, it is simply regarded as part of our routine, or something we do in order not to feel “sticky”. So, it begs the question of “why do we still continue to take baths”. I have done my research, and will provide to you below the big three healthy benefits of why it is important to take a bath!

Bathing Health Benefits


Relieves stressful events for our nervous system.

An often remedy for headache and migraines is taking a shower. Even though this is something that is passed around, we often do not know why it reduces the pain! To explain that, we often feel migraines and headaches due to the narrow blood vessels on our head. If there’s too much pressure on those blood vessels, then the pain will surely follow. Thankfully, water pressure can help reduce the pressure on those blood vessels! Alternatively, simply resting on a bath can yield healthy benefits for our brain, as it helps to relieve stress. Warm water causes our cells to produce Heat Stress Proteins that can make us relax after a long day.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect shower or bath to accommodate our needs can be difficult. Thankfully, Insignia Shower Cabin has a fine collection of showers that we can choose from, with all sorts of features that can satisfy our needs!

Improves our body’s health and balances hormones

Bathing can have a load of surprising health benefits. It does not only energize our cells, but also keeps our muscles free and healthy for our workouts! Our heart can also benefit from taking baths as well, as warm water makes our heart beat faster and enhances blood circulation. Additionally, hot water can act as antibiotics for our skin which will speed up the process of healing our wounds.

On the more chemical side, baths help to balance our hormones that can greatly affect our lives. Through the simple act of taking a bath, we can improve our immunity system without having to spend for additional medicine!

Hydrates and moisturizes our eyes, hair, and skin

In a previous article, I have talked about easier ways to get glowing skin. Under those ways I have listed, one of them is taking cool yet short showers! To expand on the topic, the variations of temperatures in water can help us either way. Hot water can help cleanse our pores to prevent blackheads and acne, while cold water keeps our pores and skin moisturized!

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Cordlife, a lifetime family protection against diseases

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This is a call for pregnant women out there.  Have you heard of Cordlife?

It is the latest innovation in health technology wherein one can have the option to store and save the blood remains from the umbilical cord of your newborn,  which may later become potential and valuable resource material for future medical use and life saving treatments for the family.

Studies have proven – the blood that remains in your newborn’s umbilical cord after the cord has been cut has a rich source of stem cells; it will be collected, processed and stored in a cord blood bank. In the past, we usually discard the umbilical cord after birth or in some cases, because of superstitious beliefs they get it after birth, have it dried then enclose it inside the pages of a book or dictionary believing that it will make their child more brainy as he grows up.

The cord blood functions in helping  the immune and blood system after a chemotherapy where there is a bone marrow failure.  It may be used to treat 80 diseases or more. Diseases like leukemia, immune deficiencies, metabolic disorders, other cancers and blood disorders. It is also suggested in the treatment of cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders and injuries, Type 1 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases and many more. Cord blood stem cells also shows significant potential to treat conditions that have no cure today like juvenile diabetes and brain injury.

According to the cord bank, the cord blood stem cells can be stored for at least 15 years and will still have the same composition as they did when they were stored. It will be instantly available for the family if needed.

Cord blood banking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for parents to save the stem cells found in the blood of their newborn’s umbilical cord. Cordlife in the Philippines became operational in 2005. How I wish it was already available 20 years ago when I first gave birth. It is really a very amazing medical breakthrough for it offers life protection for the family.

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Hand Food and Mouth (HFM) Syndrome At A Glance

Hand foot and mouth disease (HFM) caused by coxsackie virus is a mild yet contagious viral infection common in young children particularly preschoolers but can also occur in adults.

This syndrome is characterized by sores in and around the mouth and rashes or red blisters on the hands and feet.  It can occur at any time of the year but come about mostly during the summer or fall. Rashes produced on the palm of the hands and soles of the feet can look like flat red spots and in some cases are swelled red sores with a small bubble of fluid on top. It can also appear on the legs and buttocks.  The sores and rashes may be painful and itchy upon onset.

 hand foot and mouth


HFM is self-limiting which is usually mild and over within a week after being exposed to the virus.  It breaks out and spreads through coughing and sneezing, feces and by touching objects which the infected person gets holds of.


Fever, headache and other flu-like symptoms like muscle aches

Sore throat, painful swallowing, and cough

After a day or two the sores or rashes will appear on the hands, feet, in and around the mouth area.


Depending on the severity and just as long as it is not accompanied by other illness like meningitis or tonsillopharyngitis, HFM typically does not need treatment.

Home health care is advised, the physician will prescribe medicines to relieve pain and fever.

From its initial onset until 3-5 days is the stage where it is most infectious, so do not let your other children mingle with your infected child nor share toys during the incubation period.

Offer plenty of water to help with sore throat. However, refrain from giving your child spicy foods or acidic drinks as these can make mouth sores more painful.

Dab on a bit of prescribed ointment or lotion to blisters to prevent infection.

Hand foot and mouth disease resolves within several days and the infected person recovers completely.

Prevent the Spread

There is no vaccine yet to prevent HFM so hand washing is the best protection. Have the patient rest and home confined for a week or until he fully recovers. Always disinfect door knobs, toys and other objects and surfaces which he grasps, hold or touch.

Selfcare guide: ways to relieve back pain

If you experience back pain regularly, you may have had ailments that lead to walking difficulties, problems sitting comfortably and sleeping restfully too. Thankfully, you can turn to the power of selfcare to help ease your back pain. Through searches online, you’ll of course find lots of helpful options, from exercises with a tennis ball and acupuncture to a sports massage. Here’s our top three ways to promptly take action and deal with backaches.

ways to relieve back pain
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Hot baths can work wonders for tight muscles in the back

The NHS recommends heat as one of its top tips for Image by typographyimages on Pixabay. Heat packs are good, but hot baths are better for relieving arthritic pain or other musculoskeletal disorders that affect the back. The buoyancy of the water will help release pressure and strain on the joints, according to EverydayHealth.

The heat of the bath will also ease any tight muscles in your body, including your back. Plus, heat is intrinsically relaxing; you probably haven’t done much of that since your back pain started. The hot bath encourages circulation and, according to, wins out over heat packs because hot baths can increase the temperature of the muscle itself by deep heating.

You can turn your hot bath treatment into a real treat with some bath bombs and scented candles. After all, your back hurts — you deserve to be pampered.

Try gentle exercise to build strength in the back

It’s probably the last thing on your mind when you have back pain. Chances are, you want to lie down and not move until the pain subsides. But EverydayHealth and the NHS both agree that gentle exercise is far more beneficial for back pain. In fact, too much rest can make some types of back pain worse.

You don’t need to reach for the sweatbands, though. Just a slow, gentle walk can help, or a few stretches. If you feel up to it, yoga can be great for chronic lower back pain – a review in the Clinical Journal of Pain revealed strong evidence of this. Yoga builds strength and reduces tightness in the muscles, both of which can help with back pain.

Try and do a little bit of movement, even if it hurts a little. Obviously, if the pain gets worse, or it is bad enough to prevent your movement, seek medical attention.

Reduce initial swelling in the back with anti-inflammatories

It might seem obvious, but usually the simple solutions are the best! Taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory can help reduce back pain, says the NHS. Paracetamol, however, isn’t recommended to treat back pain on its own. If you can, try taking ibuprofen instead, as it is an anti-inflammatory, where paracetamol is not.

An alternative to ibuprofen would be a pain relief gel. Gels can be a great option for people who hate swallowing pills, or if you’re looking for more targeted action against backache. These pain relief gels can help alleviate discomfort and swelling in the muscles, making them a top choice for dealing with back pain.

Be sure not to use diclofenac-based gels alongside ibuprofen. It’s important to always read the label of any medication you take and seek your GP’s advice if you’re unsure about anything. If the pain in your back doesn’t improve, or gets worse, see your GP.





When should I use an emergency dentist?

Our teeth are such a vital, everyday part of our lives and bodies that we often take them for granted. However, when things go wrong, be it in the form of infections, broken or lost teeth, or abscesses forming, we can find ourselves suddenly needing access to a dentist. Any dentist accredited with the General Dentistry Council can serve as an emergency dentist, but if you are concerned with a severe problem it can be best to take the time to search for the best specialist for the job.

emergency dentist

How do dental emergencies happen?

Dental emergencies can have a variety of causes. Tooth loss or broken teeth can be caused by falls or injuries during physical activity, most especially during contact sports such as boxing, rugby and hockey.

Failing to brush your teeth twice every day can lead to a dangerous build-up of plaque and bacteria, which coat the teeth, and other bacteria which can lead to inflamed gums and infection. If this is combined with an unhealthy high sugar lifestyle it is possible for an abscess to form, leading to the need to remove the tooth.

Bacteria build-up can also contribute to spreading ulceration and developing bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. If your gums bleed when you clean your teeth it is possible you are brushing too fiercely, although it is more likely that the gums have become inflamed and unhealthy due to poor oral health. If you find you have bleeding gums which persist it can be wise to discuss it with your dentist, even if you do not think it is an emergency.

How do I find an emergency dentist?

If you see any of these warning signs, it is worth getting in touch with your dentist or, if your problem is severe, looking for a specialist clinic. Clinics are equipped to deal with rapidly developing dental problems can be found across the country. If you live in the capital and need an emergency dentist in London, there are many award-winning surgeries such as Ten Dental offering their expertise. These specialist clinics can sometimes be referred to by other dentists in the local area who know that they offer these and other specialisms. Whatever the best clinic is for you, if there is an emergency you should get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency dentists will analyse each case individually on its own merits. In the case of broken or lost teeth a composite filling may be an option, or alternatively an artificial tooth can be placed in the space left behind, so that no one will notice the tooth is missing. In the case of an infection taking hold it may be necessary for the dentist to perform a root canal treatment to ensure the problem is dealt with. You will only go to the emergency dentist’s when something has gone wrong, but wherever you go you can rest assured they will give their all to fixing the problem.

One way to avoid letting these issues build up until you need to go to an emergency dentist is to make sure you have regular appointments with your dentist. Normally taking place every six months, you can regularly bring up any concerns you have experienced with your dentist .This will also help to identify any potential long-term problems before they become troublesome, and lower the chance you will need an emergency dentist any time soon.


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