Six Things to Consider When Choosing a New Barber

Although there are a variety of personal experiences that can be nerve-wracking, going to the barber can be one of the most difficult to grapple with. Numerous questions can run through an individual’s mind upon selecting a barber, including whether or not one will like the cut and style of the hair or feel comfortable in the barber shop. If you are trying to select the perfect barber for yourself, here are six factors you should consider:

choosing a new barber

1. Cost

Cost should be a primary factor you think about when you try to select a barber. The factors that affect cost are diverse and can include level of experience, education, and the nature of the service being provided. It would be wise for you to compare costs before making a final decision regarding which barber’s services to pay for. Make sure you choose a barber that fits into your budget as well.


2. Location

The location from which a barber works is a very important factor to think about. Some barbers work from their homes while others are stationed in a shopping center. Other areas a barber could include a store located near or within a residential area. When you select a barber, make sure that you can travel to the location where she or he works. Since there are many barbers in many different locations, check out the ones located close to you first and then venture to barbers a little farther from home.


3. Experience

Ideally, you want to select a barber who has extensive experience in the field of hair care. Determining a barber’s level of experience can be done by examining how long they’ve been in business, any awards or recognition they’ve attained, and the type of formal education or training courses they’ve acquired, according to a Costa Mesa barber. Do your homework to find out how long the barber has been established. If he or she has not been in the current location long, find if there was another place the barber worked. All this homework will help you to know exactly how long the barber has been working in the field and if the amount of time is satisfactory for you.


4. Hygiene

A great barber should cut your hair in an area that is clean and sanitary. The utensils that she or he uses should look fresh, new, and recently washed. You may want to stop by a local barber shop that you’re considering using and look over the work stations there before making an appointment. Check to make sure the barber cleans his or her utensils after each customer. Also, does the barber put a towel or paper between the cloak and the customer’s skin? Little details like this can determine if the barber is following the sanitary rules of his profession.


5. Reputation

Oftentimes, you can gain an understanding of whether a barber operates in excellence and expedience based on the reputation that she or he has. Take the time to peruse the Better Business Bureau and ask around regarding the quality of the services a barber has provided.


6. Customer Service

There’s nothing more encouraging and comforting than seeing a smiling face when you step through the door of a barber shop. No matter how great a barber is, your barber shop experience can be greatly compromised if she or he is rude, moody, or inconsiderate. Think about whether the barber shop you want to frequent has a reputation for offering service with a smile before you start paying for services.


Although selecting a barber can be a difficult task, implementing the simple tips outlined above can greatly help you in your efforts. Good luck!

5 Trendy Facial Hair Styling Options for Men

Facial hair is a very important part of a man’s style. It can either display a new personality he wants to explore or reinforce the one he is already comfortable with. However, more often than not, facial hair is part of a trending style that you want to be on top of. Here are some of the more popular facial hair styles of the day.


facial hair
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Traditionally, stubble has been the sign of laziness or lack of care in your appearance. Now, it is a symbol of strength, manliness, and sexuality. There are several ways you can achieve this style. If you use an electric razor, you can use a setting that raises the blade a bit to leave a short stubble. Many men shave their facial hair clean off a few days before they want the sexy stubble so it looks the most natural. The most important thing to remember is that you must still make it neat. This means no neck beards or uneven patches.  Continue reading “5 Trendy Facial Hair Styling Options for Men”