What Are The Dangers of Detoxing From An Alcohol Dependency Without Professional Help?

If you are physically dependent on alcohol. It may well be your very dearest wish to be able to stop drinking. You may have completely stopped enjoying drinking, even finding it hard to swallow and keep down alcohol, but the withdrawal you experience when you stop is terrifying so you keep trying to keep it at bay with more alcohol. It can seem like a good idea to bite the bullet and try to detox by yourself at home, so you can free yourself from the debilitating addiction, but this is actually more dangerous for many alcohol dependent people than continuing to drink.

What Will You Experience If You Go ‘Cold Turkey’ From Alcohol Without Medical Help?

As you may be aware, the ‘DT’s’ as the most acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol are often known, can be fatal. It is estimated that 17% of people who experience these symptoms, which can include severe seizures, die, and others can experience brain damage and other serious harm. While this is at the acute end of the withdrawal spectrum, even what tend to be assessed as milder experiences of withdrawal can be terrifying and even deadly, with high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate increasing the possibility of heart attacks and strokes during this period – especially in individuals who weren’t in great health to begin with – which is the case for many alcoholics.  Even without dangerous symptoms, you may experience a scary level of anxiety which makes it impossible to leave your home, as well as shaking, sweating and insomnia. These last only a few days, but a few days coping with this alone is a long time, and there is no good reason to put yourself through it.

Why Rehab is the Best Option

If the option is available to you, and a rapid detox is your goal, then going to a professional rehab center is your best option. There are plenty of fully accredited, supportive treatment facilities all over the country, such as FirstStepDetox in Palm Beach, FL. Many rehab centers accept insurance, and you will find there are people from all walks of life using their facilities – addiction can happen to almost anyone. Different rehabs use different methods, but all of them will get you through those first few days with minimal discomfort and symptoms, and make sure you are safe from any dangers relating to detoxing.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you can’t go into rehab for whatever reason, never try and detox alone. Try using a tapering method to cut down your drinking over the course of a number of days while keeping symptoms at bay, and make sure someone knows what you are doing and to stay with you and call medical help if you get into trouble.

There is a huge success rate for people who commit to getting over alcohol addiction, but you do need to quit responsibly, so check into rehab if you can and never ever try and go cold turkey on your own.


Image via Pixabay.com