The Big 3 of Bathing Health Benefits

It is often spoken about how water is essential in daily life. Water has so many health benefits that it is often forgotten, or unknown by many. We know that, at the very least, we can live for roughly a month without eating, but cannot live longer if it weren’t for drinking water. It is drilled into us since childhood that we should take baths every day to maintain our hygiene, and stay hydrated in order not to get sick. As adults, it is simply regarded as part of our routine, or something we do in order not to feel “sticky”. So, it begs the question of “why do we still continue to take baths”. I have done my research, and will provide to you below the big three healthy benefits of why it is important to take a bath!

Bathing Health Benefits


Relieves stressful events for our nervous system.

An often remedy for headache and migraines is taking a shower. Even though this is something that is passed around, we often do not know why it reduces the pain! To explain that, we often feel migraines and headaches due to the narrow blood vessels on our head. If there’s too much pressure on those blood vessels, then the pain will surely follow. Thankfully, water pressure can help reduce the pressure on those blood vessels! Alternatively, simply resting on a bath can yield healthy benefits for our brain, as it helps to relieve stress. Warm water causes our cells to produce Heat Stress Proteins that can make us relax after a long day.

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Improves our body’s health and balances hormones

Bathing can have a load of surprising health benefits. It does not only energize our cells, but also keeps our muscles free and healthy for our workouts! Our heart can also benefit from taking baths as well, as warm water makes our heart beat faster and enhances blood circulation. Additionally, hot water can act as antibiotics for our skin which will speed up the process of healing our wounds.

On the more chemical side, baths help to balance our hormones that can greatly affect our lives. Through the simple act of taking a bath, we can improve our immunity system without having to spend for additional medicine!

Hydrates and moisturizes our eyes, hair, and skin

In a previous article, I have talked about easier ways to get glowing skin. Under those ways I have listed, one of them is taking cool yet short showers! To expand on the topic, the variations of temperatures in water can help us either way. Hot water can help cleanse our pores to prevent blackheads and acne, while cold water keeps our pores and skin moisturized!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay