5 of the best party hair looks

If you have a party that is coming up soon and you want to look great, there are a couple of main things on which you have to focus. The outfit is definitely one of the things which deserve your special attention. However, the hair and the make-up are also very important and they will probably take most of your time. If you want to have the perfect look, you have to put aside enough time for preparations. Based on the type of hairstyle, make-up and outfit that you choose, you can try to estimate the approximate time which you will need to get ready for your party. This way you will avoid any complications and won’t worry about making a bad impressions by arriving late.




Preparing for a party is not always as easy as it seems. You might think that you have enough time for everything, but things can easily go wrong. Therefore, it will be best to you begin early with the preparations, so that you can dedicate enough time to every part of your look. You can choose a party hair look and make-up earlier, so that you don’t waste time wondering a couple of hours before the party.

When it comes to party hair looks there are million different choices. If you want to have the perfect look, however, your hair must be clean first. This way you will be able to achieve easier the result you want and it might be even possible to preserve your party hair look for longer. Once your hair is perfectly clean, you can begin with the preparations. You will find some ideas below which are suitable for any type of hair and are not hard at all:

  • Ballerina bun – This is a classic hair look which can be made for a formal dinner party or a Christmas party with your colleagues, for instance. If you combine it with nice earrings, you will look really great. First wash your hair, and while it is still damp you can spray it with a product which will make it shiny and smooth. Then make a ponytail and you can use a sock bun to make the round shape.
  • Romantic bun – If you are going to a dinner party with your friends and you want a less formal look for your hair, you can try the romantic side bun. It is similar to the ballerina bun but this time you can give extra volume to your hair when you dry it. You have to make the ponytail on the side and then turn it into a knot. Use bobby pins, so that it doesn’t fall apart.
  • Curly ends – This is a really stylish look and many movie stars and singers like to use it. You will need a large brush with which you can twist your hair in the ends. You can split it into two sections and make some curls around the face and in the lower parts of your hair. Use a hairspray to fixate the curls.
  • Loose waves – There is nothing more romantic than the loose waves hairstyle. It is incredibly easy to make and it doesn’t require any specific tools or products. You need to give to your hair more volume than usual, and one way to do it is to blow dry it upside-down. Then use a curling iron to make some loose waves in your hair.
  • Curly hairstyle – If you want to look more feminine, making curls is the best way to do it. There are different tools you can use to achieve this effect but most of them are harmful for the structure of your hair. Instead, you can purchase a special mousse or some other product which enhances the curling and apply it to your wet hair. You can use a diffuser to give a better form to your curls and spray them to keep them in shape.


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