5 Counter-Intuitive Health Tips

Think you know a lot about health? There is so much health information out there, with new articles posted daily about the best new tips and trick to achieve your healthiest body and lifestyle. But while you might think you know what’s what with your health, there are a few great health tricks which are totally counter-intuitive! Check them out:


Drink a cup of coffee to nap better

What?! Isn’t coffee supposed to buzz you up and keep you awake? This is the commonly held belief, but it actually takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to kick in and get you feeling alert. This means there’s a perfect 20-minute period before that caffeine kicks in, that you can get a great power nap and feel the boost right after.




Flossing is more important than brushing

Okay, we’re not saying to stop brushing your teeth. But if you absolutely had to choose one over the other, you might want to consider flossing! While brushing is great for giving your mouth that polished feel, shine and fresh minty taste, flossing is what removes the food particles from between your teeth that cause decay. So make sure you practice both regularly and your dentist will be impressed at your next dental check-up.


Gain weight to get small

This one might make absolutely no sense at first, but stay with us. Muscle weighs more per pound than fat, but someone who weight trains and gains muscle is more likely to maintain a small size than someone who doesn’t work out and weighs less, but has more body fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so you will stay more toned and lean.


Eat more fat

Contrary to common belief, fat does not make you fat! In fact, it’s the processed snacks that tempt you with their promises of “low calorie” and “weight loss” that can actually pack on the pounds. Foods high in fat like nuts, fish, olive oil and avocado help keep you full and nourish your body the natural way, so you’ll be less likely to binge later.


Drink water when feeling bloated

When your tummy is puffing out and you’re feeling bloated, the last thing you might want to do is put even more in there! But drinking water is actually going to help your body pass whatever is causing the inflammation, helping you to de-bloat more quickly. Make sure to drink plenty of water if you’re eating salty foods, and drink water first thing upon waking up to help flush your body.


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