Smoother Cycling in the Rain

Doing anything in the rain is not what the majority of people would call fun. Cycling in the rain definitely falls into this category, and in fact it can be quite dangerous. It can be unavoidable some of the time as well, so here are some tips on how to make it smoother.

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Spare Socks Stop Soaked Feet

Taking a spare pair of socks, which you can get from 99 Bikes, can stop your feet from getting completely soaked during your ride. Your feet are usually the first target of the rain, so it’s important to be prepared. Socks are also easy enough to change and store so it shouldn’t be a problem as space is limited when riding a bike. It will also stop that terrible noise and irritation when your feet get wet.


Riding through the Wetness

A common misconception when purchasing waterproof riding gear is that you will stay dry – unfortunately you won’t. It is nigh on impossible to stay dry when you are faced with water falling all over you from the heavens and this is a fact. Even if it is your own sweat whilst pushing the last ounce of energy out, it will find a way through your waterproofing, guaranteed.


Appearance is Key

During those onslaughts of rain, it can be quite hard for not only yourself – but for others as well – to see. So it is important to make yourself seen. There are a number of ways of doing this, whether it is purchasing a simple set of lights for your bike, to wearing some hi visibility gear or attaching a hi visibility flag to your bike they will all make sure you don’t become part of yet another accident on our roads.


Puddles Can Be Deceiving

We’ve all seen the videos on YouTube of the silly cyclist (or motorcyclist in some cases) who decides to take on the standing water on the road without avoiding it, slowing down or stopping to check its depth. The cyclist then ends up stacking their bike and ending up in said water. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by going around the standing water, slowing down or stopping and checking its depth. After all you don’t want to become the next internet sensation by doing the wrong thing, do you?


Follow the Signs

We all know the sign, slippery when wet, so why do we ignore it when it matters most? Just like motorists, it’s important for cyclists, too, to slow down when it’s wet and make sure they are braking earlier as well as turning less sharply than in normal conditions. Road markings are one of the more slippery parts of the road when wet, so it is best to avoid them as much as possible. You should also make sure your brakes are working well before you go out for a ride, and that’s in any conditions.

There are some valuable tips for riding in the rain that should make it a smoother experience for you and for others. Do you ride in the rain? Leave your tips for wet weather riding in the comments below.


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