3 Most Important Reasons to get Invisalign Braces

If you are around my age, you probably had at least one friend that had a mouth full of metal as a kid. Braces are definitely one of those things that you appreciate doing when you are older, but you really despise them when you have them. Maybe you even avoided getting braces as a kid because of this.



Having straight teeth is very good for both your oral and overall health. If you are an adult that wants straight teeth, it’s not too late to get braces. The good news here is that braces have changed completely in the last couple of decades. They know have a technology called Invisalign. You have probably seen advertisements for it. There are a lot of reasons they are different than the braces of the past. I just got through with my Invisalign treatment and couldn’t be happier. They also weren’t what I expected at ll.

They are removable

Removability is my favorite thing about having invisible braces. Sometimes, you don’t want to have them in your mouth. That time could be when you are at an important social function or when you are eating. Patients can take these braces in and out of their mouth whenever they want.

They are cleaner

Because you can remove them whenever you want, they are much cleaner than traditional braces. Invisalign braces can be cleaned thoroughly when they are removed. That prevents bacteria from building up on the. The ability to take them out makes it so the patient can clean their teeth in ways that they can’t with regular braces. They are better for your overall health because they can be removed.

They’re Invisible

Invisibility is the most obvious reason that people get Invisalign braces, people can’t see them. It seems pretty obvious, but there can be a stigma attached to adults that have braces. Invisalign gives individuals the opportunity to have their teeth straightened discreetly. Also, it can be annoying having to answer questions about your braces every time you leave the house, trust me.

These are the most important reasons to get Invisalign braces. They are great for both adults and children. The service is available at just about any dentist or orthodontist, including Park Slope Family Dentistry. If you are ready to make the leap and get your teeth straightened, contact a dentist in your area today. They could get you started on the fist step towards having straighter teeth without the embarrassment and discomfort of a mouth full of metal.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Get Braces At An Older Age

Getting braces as an adult can seem like a scary prospect if you’re unaware of the options that exist. While treating orthodontic issues is a medical necessity, most adults could not afford to receive treatment as a child. Addressing orthodontic issued that went untreated as a child will improve your dental care. Read on to find out other ways getting braces as an adult is a great choice.



Braces are more affordable

As a child you were at the mercy of the decisions your parents made regarding your orthodontic care. Often times when families face financial strain, dental care is the first to be sacrificed. In fact the U. S. economy is causing many families to eliminate dental checkups in order to save money. Although the economy has a direct impact on your spending, your financial choices can be asserted now that you have the control to improve your orthodontic health. If you find that finances are still an issue, know that many dental offices offer flexible financing options that can be extended throughout your course of treatment according to Abougoush Professional Corp., Calgary orthodontics.


Metal isn’t your only option

Depending upon the severity of the placement of your teeth, you have more options to choose than metal braces. One of the most popular choices amongst adults who want to improve their smile is Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear plastic tray that is worn on the teeth for two weeks at a time. The trays are adjusted to gradually shift your teeth over the course of treatment. Six reasons for considering Invisalign are; they are invisible to others, you can eat and drink whatever you like, brushing and flossing is easier, your mouth will be less sore, fewer visits to your orthodontist, and you’ll have a beautiful smile.


Clear braces are yet another option that many adults use for cosmetics purposes. Clear braces are very similar to metal braces except that they are made of ceramic or plastic alloys. Although clear braces are noticeable, they aren’t as distinguishable as the metal braces.


As previously mentioned, metal braces are highly recommended for severe orthodontic cases. Even if you find this to be your recommended course of treatment, adults tend to be more forgiving when noticing an adult with braces. The same stigmas associated with wearing braces in adolescence aren’t usually prevalent in adulthood.


Being more responsible works in your favor

When your braces are removed it will be necessary to wear a retainer. Newly realigned teeth will need the retainer in order to remain in their new positions. Your orthodontist will give you specific instructions on how to wear your retainer. Your maturity will work in your favor when receiving aftercare instructions, because you’re more likely to follow the instructions strictly. Where this may seem burdensome to adolescents, you will understand the repercussions of failing to use your retainer. Using your retainer properly will decrease the chances that your teeth will shift, and prevent more cosmetic orthodontics in the future.


You’ll never regret getting them

Whether you choose metal braces or Invisalign, the results you’ll achieve will be life changing. Many professionals note having a renewed sense of self confidence when speaking before large groups, knowing that they had a beautiful smile. Although there may be apprehension about initiating the process, studies show that once the initial consultation has been made, most adults fall right in line with the course of treatment they selected.


Having a beautiful smile needn’t be a fantasy, you can make it a reality. Although most think of getting braces for cosmetic purposes, getting braces is an orthodontic procedure that can save you from more serious oral issues in the future. Now that your oral health is fully in your hands, there isn’t anything that can stop you from getting the smile of your dreams.