Better Intimacy Begins with the Diet

dietFemale orgasms involve complex reactions to various stimuli, from physical touch and emotions to mental stimulation. When everything comes together, the intense feelings produced during intercourse are pleasurable beyond words. However, as women age, their bodies change in ways that make orgasms are harder to achieve much less enjoy.

According to Mehmet Oz, a famous nutrition expert, more than 40 percent of women experience a decline in sexual desire well before they hit menopause. This is chiefly the result of hormone changes.

As the ovaries become less active, they produce lower levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. While this causes many of the changes that occur during menopause, it is the decline in testosterone that diminishes the sex drive.

There is some good news, however. According to Dr. Oz, the path to greater sexual pleasure could begin with the diet. The right kind of foods can address the hormone imbalances that kill the female sex drive. Many natural aphrodisiacs and libido-boosters can help women reach their goals of greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction.  Continue reading “Better Intimacy Begins with the Diet”

Burn 200 calories in 10 minutes with kettlebell training

According to health authorities, setting the minimum daily calorie intake will depend on the body composition and activity levels of an individual. The baseline set as the average calories per day is 1200 calories for women and 1800 calories for men.

To get your goal weight and to stay healthy it is important to know and be aware of your calorie intake. A very important reminder to bear in mind is not to try lowering your calorie intake by more than 1000 calories below maintenance as it will cause your metabolism to slow down.

Below is an illustration of how effective is kettlebell training in terms of burning excess calories compared to other activities and exercises done on a daily basis.  Continue reading “Burn 200 calories in 10 minutes with kettlebell training”

Dash Diet

Dash Diet stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension is a well-known intervention to treat high blood pressure. The dietary approach requires the person to eat:
four to five servings of fruit
four to five servings of vegetables
two to three servings of low-fat dairy
Dash Diet  eating plan together with proper exercises can help and prevent the onset of high blood pressure.  It requires no special food and has no hard-to-follow recipes.  The intake of high fiber foods mentioned above can lower the levels of bad cholesterol and prevent the onset of other illnesses like diabetes mellitus.
Suggested meat sources should come from roasted seafood, skinless poultry or lean meats.  Also switching from a high sodium diet to a low sodium diet can modestly reduce blood pressure in people who have normal blood pressure.
According to the Mayo Clinic Website, there are Two Versions of the Dash Diet
First is the Standard Dash Diet where one can consume up to 2300 mg of sodium a day
Second is the Lower Sodium dash Diet where one can consume up to 1500 mg of sodium a day.
Both versions aim to reduce the amount of sodium in the diet compared with what one might get in a more traditional diet which can be more than 5000 mg.
This diet approach is recommended by most health professionals. It is not a weight loss plan, but it can be an effective tool for most overweight people.