Want To Switch To E-cigarettes? Use These Top Tips

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Switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes has more benefits that you probably realise. Scientists believe they are better for your health as they don’t have the same harmful chemical caused by burning tobacco. They can help you quit smoking over time, reinvigorate your senses and can save you a substantial amount of money. But making the switch can be difficult especially if you are unfamiliar with vaping or have an addiction to nicotine. So get help improve your chances of switching successfully you can use these top tips.

Patience is a virtue

You may take up vaping and never feel the need to smoke a cigarette again. Or it may take a few weeks or months for you to fully make the switch. You may even try it and not feel ready to quit your smoking habit just yet. We are all different and we will react in certain ways to certain things. It will come naturally to some whereas others may find it highly difficult. If it doesn’t seem easy to begin with, stick with it and have the motivation and patience to continue. Even dual vaping is better than smoking full time as it reduces your intake of smoke. Accept that you may not be successful the first time and you will be more likely to succeed in the long run. The key is finding something that works for you and consistency.

Prepare yourself for withdrawals

One of the reasons many people are unable to make the switch is because they are taken by surprise by the withdrawal symptoms. While eliquid does contain nicotine, it might not be right strength as the cigarettes you are used to. This could result in you experiencing mood swings, headaches and nausea. To avoid this, it’s recommended that you choose an e-liquid with a nicotine content that is one strength higher than your cigarettes. While this will not guarantee you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms, it may make the transition easier. If you are unsure of what you should be buying, go online and ask other vapers for advice. Alternatively, you could also ask the suppliers where you buy your vaporizers from. They should be able to recommend the correct strength for you to use.

Experiment with flavours

To begin with you may be craving the taste of cigarettes and only want to try tobacco based flavours. This works for many people as they feel they are catering to their cravings without causing so much damage to their health. However, some people feel the taste is not authentic or close enough to what they smoked previously. This can mean they resort to their old habits instead. So be open to trying new things and experimenting with flavours. You may find that you enjoy the sweeter flavours more than the tobacco ones. This will also make it easier to move away from the taste of cigarettes.

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With these top tips you can make your switch from cigarettes to e-cigarette with ease. There are a number of support groups online and vape experts in stores who will be willing to help you if you need it. So make this year, the year you quit smoking for good.


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