Exercise everyday and you’ll reap the benefits

Everyone knows how good exercise is for their body, but do you know just how good it can be? Regular exercise can do everything from put you in a better mood and make you more productive, here’s some great info about how exercise can truly improve your life.




We all want to look better, be in great shape and have perfect teeth, in order to achieve this you should look at exercise. You can’t ignore the massive impact on your health that exercise has, it doesn’t matter about your age, sex of physical capabilities because it will benefit everyone.


Do you need me to persuade you more that exercise is the way forward? If you do then take a look at these 3 ways regular exercise will help you improve your life.


It controls you weight

Regular exercise will help you to both stop your body gaining excess weight and also help you to lose weight. When you are ding physical activity your body is constantly burning calories and it also speeds up your metabolism. If you eat within 30 minutes after training your body will burn the food very quickly indeed which means you will be able to maintain a healthy body weight.


Your mood will improve

If you need to improve your mood or simply get rid of some stress after a day at work, then something as easy as thirty minute work out or walk will help no end! When we do physical activity it release certain chemicals in our brain that make us feel happier and relaxed. I noticed that when I did more and more exercise I felt more confident about myself because my appearance changed and I looked a lot better. Better mood and a higher level of self esteem needed? Then hit the gym!


Increase the energy

If you find yourself tired when you reach the top of the stairs or when you are carrying in the weekly shopping from the car, then you can improve your fitness and strength by working out regularly. Exercise trains your body to deliver more oxygen to your body that helps it work more effectively, this will help your lungs and heart to work more efficiently.


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Beating the January blues

With the festivities now just a distant memory, many of us are feeling a little blue as we head back to work, battle with the wild January weather and struggle to shift those Christmas pounds. If you need a little lift, take a look at this latest post where we’ll discuss some of the ways you can boost your mood and energy.


january blues



Often, the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling glum is pull on your shorts and t-shirts and head to the gym. However, exercising is a great way to lift your mood, due to the ‘happy’ endorphins that are released.

Going solo to the gym can be lonely, and could do little to improve your mood. Instead, go along with a friend: you’ll have someone to chat to and encourage you along when you feel tired. The great thing is that exercising not only has the potential to boost your mood, but also allows you to work off some extra calories too.


january blues


Take a supplement

With short days and dark nights, many people can feel lethargic in January. Low energy levels are the main culprit: not only will this make you reluctant to do anything, you could be more likely to pick up a bug, as the body’s ability to protect itself weakens.

There can be a number of reasons why you’re feeling sleepy, so it’s always best to check it out with your GP first. However, one cause is that your body has low levels of coenzyme Q10. This enzyme is crucial to the production of energy: not having enough in your body results in less energy being generated.

There are supplements out there that you could take to top up your levels of coenzyme Q10. Available from Pharma Nord, Ubiquinone has had some great reviews on the company’s site and is an ideal choice for those looking for a boost.

Pamper yourself

In December, we had Christmas to look forward to. In January, it’s seems like we have nothing to motivate us – after all, our summer holidays are far too far away to be getting excited about just yet. Why not arrange a spa day with your friends? Taking the time out to pamper yourself will leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated, as well as putting a positive event on the horizon.

If you’re feeling the post-Christmas pinch, you can pick up some affordable spa days on sites like Groupon, so there’s no excuse not to treat yourself!



Crunch corporate packages pump productivity

Exercise doesn’t just stimulate our bodies, it jump starts our brains in the morning too! Crunch PT offers a range of competitive corporate packages for groups and workplaces to slip in a cheeky workout during the day so your colleagues can get out from behind their desk and get their blood pumping.

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