Better Intimacy Begins with the Diet

dietFemale orgasms involve complex reactions to various stimuli, from physical touch and emotions to mental stimulation. When everything comes together, the intense feelings produced during intercourse are pleasurable beyond words. However, as women age, their bodies change in ways that make orgasms are harder to achieve much less enjoy.

According to Mehmet Oz, a famous nutrition expert, more than 40 percent of women experience a decline in sexual desire well before they hit menopause. This is chiefly the result of hormone changes.

As the ovaries become less active, they produce lower levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. While this causes many of the changes that occur during menopause, it is the decline in testosterone that diminishes the sex drive.

There is some good news, however. According to Dr. Oz, the path to greater sexual pleasure could begin with the diet. The right kind of foods can address the hormone imbalances that kill the female sex drive. Many natural aphrodisiacs and libido-boosters can help women reach their goals of greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction.  Continue reading “Better Intimacy Begins with the Diet”