Don’t Let Yourself Go This Festive Season! Do This Instead…

Letting yourself go over the festive period is way too easy. There are so many delicious foods, and so many tempting ways to fall off the wagon. You can end up going out way more than usual, and eating all of the Christmas foods under the sun while you’re hungover. Not to mention many gyms are closed, making it difficult to get active. Don’t let yourself go this festive season! Do this instead…

Get Outside

Get outside. It might be cold, but why not go out and enjoy the Christmassy atmosphere? Go for a walk in the snow with your family. Enjoy the decorations. Try not to lay around in the house all day! It’ll make a big difference.

Work Out at Home

You can easily work out at home if you want to burn a few calories and stop those Christmas cakes from affecting your figure. Simply grab a workout matt and put some all over body exercises together to create your very own circuit. You can even use Youtube to help you think of something.

Go to the Gym

If the gym is open and you’re motivated enough, you can get a weight loss program for the Christmas season. You’ll feel and look so much better, especially in your Christmas outfits. Then you won’t need to feel guilty come January!

Eat Well 80% of the Time

You can have treats over Christmas. Just know the difference between a treat here and there and a full on binge. Try to eat a decent breakfast, lunch and dinner and you’ll be less likely to binge on chocolates at night time. Everything in moderation!

Drink Lots of Water (Even on Drinking Days)

Even on days you plan on having an alcoholic beverage, drink lots of water. This will stop you from having too much of a hangover, and you won’t be as likely to binge when you feel like rubbish the next day. You can even alternate alcoholic beverages with water if you like.

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Don’t Mix Your Drinks

Mixing your drinks will make you feel worse the next day. We all know what happens when we feel awful after drinking: we eat! Don’t mix your drinks and you’ll do your head and waistline a favour.

Drink Something Light

When you do drink, drink something light. Having a bottle of cider might be nice, but it’s full of calories. Instead, have a vodka or gin with slimline tonic. Even having it with a diet drink can be so much better than calorific drinks and cocktails.

Instead of letting yourself go this year, use these tips. You’ll feel and look so much better. No need to feel guilty come the new year either! Many people let themselves go during December and vow to clean up during January, but this rarely happens. Start now instead and you’ll feel so much better. There are so many guides you can use online to help you if you need it. Your mindset is the most important thing!