How fruit trees can keep you fit and healthy

With the cold wintry weather now setting in, the thought of heading into your garden may not seem like the best way to spend your time. However, we encourage you to spend a little time planting some fruit trees wherever you have space, so that you can enjoy numerous health and fitness benefits come next summer and beyond.

Garden store Dobies of Devon has a huge selection of fruit trees available — here’s a few reasons why each will make a great addition to your home’s outdoor space:

Apple trees

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‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ isn’t just a saying; this fruit really does offer many health benefits. The high amounts of fibre found in apples helps to lower cholesterol — not to mention keeping you full for longer — while the antioxidant quercetin found on an apple’s skin has been linked with improved lung function.

Cherry trees

They may be the smallest fruit on this list, but you shouldn’t underestimate the wealth of benefits that cherries provide. The pigments anthocyanins found in tart cherries work to boost your cardiovascular system. Because they’re incredibly high in potassium, they will keep your heart rate regulated too.

Orange trees

Orange Tree in CA
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Of all the citrus fruits, oranges are known to have some of the highest levels of vitamin C. It works to keep your immune system functioning at its best and has the added benefit of protecting your skin against sun and pollution damage. The fruit is rich in vitamin A too, which will provide benefits to your vision.

Pear trees

Ever wondered why the Odyssey author Homer called pears the ‘gift of the Gods’? There could be a few reasons, including the fruit being naturally high in vitamins C and K, helping the body’s immune system in the fight against free radicals. If you have diabetes, pears make for a great snack as they boast a low glycaemic index and are high in fibre.

Do you have a fruit tree in your garden? What benefits does it provide? Share your thoughts in the comments below.