How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth can be a massive problem for those who suffer from it. What is more, teeth grinding is predominantly caused by stress, so if you want to cure yourself of teeth grinding then you need to adopt stress busting techniques. Recent research has shown that sleep patterns, as well as irregular sleeping habits, can be responsible for teeth grinding. But, clearly defining the reasons why people grind their teeth largely remains unclear.


Grinding your teeth causes irreparable wear and tear on your teeth as tooth enamel is worn away. Should your teeth lack all important enamel, they are more prone to sensitivity and tooth decay. This may be great news for your dentist, but will be bad news for your bank balance. It is imperative that you seek treatments for the grinding of teeth immediately.


grinding your teeth
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For those that have to suffer the burden of teeth grinding they will be all too aware of the perilous nature of their habit. There is help at hand; you can be relieved of the problems that are associated with grinding your teeth.


TMJ relief can be sought in a number of ways:


Wear a Night Guard

Your dentist can make you a plastic appliance for you to wear at night. While this device will not stop you from grinding your teeth, you will be protected against the dangers of grinding as your teeth will not be subject to damage. While the thought of wearing a night guard is not entirely appealing, it will help save your teeth from irreparable damage.


Keep Your Lips Sealed

It is important that you ensure that your teeth are apart. This doesn’t mean that you have to walk around with your mouth open. Practice the art of keeping your lips sealed, but your teeth apart. Your teeth should only be touching when you are eating, chewing or swallowing. Relaxing your mouth muscles will allow your teeth more freedom. What is more, this is an effective treatment to stop teeth grinding. The sensation may feel a little bizarre at first, but it will feel more natural with practice.



Exercising your body is a great way to alleviate stress, which is deemed as a cause of teeth grinding. Walking, or other mild exercises, can help relieve tension. By busting the causes of tension, your teeth will feel the benefits.


Remind Yourself

If you have a tendency to grind in the daytime, then reminding yourself not to clench is a powerful tool in combating teeth grinding. If you catch yourself grinding your teeth, stop. Some people grind their teeth as a way of coping with stress, but it is important that you stop this habit sooner rather than later. You can stick post-it notes on your desk or keep a note on in your diary to remind yourself to quit grinding.


Learn Coping Skills

It may be advisable to seek the expert services of a doctor to help you quit grinding your teeth. There are also a number of self-help books available on the market that can give you in-depth advice on how to stop grinding your teeth. Whatever method you adopt, you can ensure that you stop grinding your teeth so that you can lead a healthy life.