Must-haves for your Travel Hygiene and Health Kit

Summertime is the season for frequent family getaways such as camping, swimming and out of town vacation.  More often than not we Moms are always in-charge of the travel packing to ensure everything is set and nothing is missed.  Aside from the clothes, gadgets and foods to bring we must not forget about our health and hygiene, thus it is wise to list down the essential things needed to bring in a travel hygiene and health kit.

It is necessary to always bring the hygiene and health kit with you when you travel as you may not find certain product brands that you and your family use in the place of your destination. Here is a list of the must-haves inside a health and hygiene bag.

hygiene and health kit
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Hand Sanitizer – if you will be on a long drive travel, a hand sanitizer is very handy to have especially during a meal stop-over and don’t have access to soap and water


Tissue paper and Wet Wipes – packing a roll or two of tissue paper and wet cleaning cloths especially if you’re travelling with kids is a life saver 🙂


Deodorant and Cotton Buds – after a long dip in the pool, ear cleaning is a must and keep that fresh smell with a deodorant.


Sanitary napkin, Panty liners and Feminine wash like the Priva skin firming and cooling or the Priva skin lightening and cooling intimate wash, a quality product of Unilab made especially for women. Its ph-balanced formulation gently and soothingly cleanses and helps protect against bad odor and itching, thus will keep you clean and safe from infections and stay fresh on the road. See more about Priva at


hygiene and health kit


Facial Wash – after a long day of travel, face washing is refreshing and needed to clean deep seated dirt and impurities to keep acne build up away.


Shampoo and soap – though most hotels provide soap and shampoo in their bathroom, it is still wise to bring along your own.


Toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash – whether travelling long distance or short distance, these three essentials are always a must-have


Razor,comb or hair brush – a handy electronic razor, comb or hairbrush must also not be forgotten when packing the travel kit .


Small hand towel or wash cloth – bringing the kids’ wash cloth is also an advantage for long travels.


Vitamins, prescription medicines and first aid kit – assemble a separate small kit that includes the family’s daily vitamins, supplements and prescription medicines. It is also advised to bring a first aid kit on your trip that contains bandages, alcohol, paracetamol, anti-diarrhea medication and more.