Invigorate the Delicate Feminine Area with an Ideal Intimate Wash

Intimate care is a vital part of a woman’s personal hygiene, aside from daily bathing and tooth brushing, feminine hygiene is necessary to combat detrimental diseases and infections. The use of ordinary soaps to clean this private area can hamper its natural protective barrier making it more vulnerable to irritation and infection. The use of specially formulated intimate wash is best recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists for feminine care.

The periodic menstruation and pregnancy usually gives an uncomfortable feel aside from the vaginal discharge which is a common occurrence among women. These phenomenons usually create side effects such as bad odor, burning sensations and itchiness.  Using the right feminine wash will give a clean and fresh feeling even as you get busy with your chores.

There are a lot of feminine hygiene products available in the market and what caught my attention recently is the new Priva Intimate Wash. What makes it different from other feminine wash is that it is formulated to give extra benefits to revitalize the delicate feminine area. Its ph-balanced formulation gently and soothingly cleanses and helps protect against bad odor and itching. What is more interesting is that Priva comes in two variants to choose from –


 intimate wash

  • Priva skin firming and cooling which has collagen and natural extracts of Kwao Krua, a herbal root found in Thailand known to help improve and increase skin firmness and elasticity. This variant also contains Witch Hazel extracts to help retain the skin’s natural moisture and the cooling ingredient called RevitaCool to keep you cool and refreshed everytime you wash.
  • Priva skin lightening and cooling which contains glutathione and natural strawberry extract that help lighten skin tone. It also has the RevitaCool for a refreshing after wash.

Because the Priva Intimate Wash is clinically tested by obstetrician-gynecologists, I will be trying both of the variants. The 150ml bottle will go a long way as small amount is only needed and I can use it as often as needed.

What about you, have you tried Priva Intimate Wash yet?