Places in Schools that Could be Contagious

School is necessary, and pretty great most of the time. It gives kids and place to go to learn and socialise, unfortunately anywhere people go carries germs and diseases with them. Germs and diseases that might even now be affecting your child. The importance of keeping yourself away from contagion is important. Here are some places you should make sure are clean if you’re going to be sending your child to school there.


The Gym

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If a school has an indoor sports centre there can be some real problems with illness. People who work out, sweat a lot and leave leftover towels, gym equipment and anything else will cause accumulated sweat and mould. Sweat contains a lot of things our bodies don’t really need that might make other people sick. Excessive running and moving in a closed area, especially one with central ventilation rather than just leaving windows and doors open can cause major health problems for everyone who works out there. In addition to this anywhere with showers or locker rooms cause leftover stuff that will soon become disgusting and sickening.


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Kids act up, this is a proven fact that a lot of people know. Kids will be kids right? Well the place that suffers worst from this irresponsibility is bathrooms. Kids will play pranks, back up and block toilets and whatever damages they do spread germs and waste all throughout the bathroom. The bathrooms kids have to go into and use to make themselves sick. There’s no real way to fix this other than keeping cleaning as regular as possible and taking care of yourself. Find a cleaning company like AMC cleaning that knows how to keep things clean without using chemicals that will hurt the kids themselves.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountain                                                    Image by kirstendanley on Flickr


These are the things that you don’t think about when you see them but they are actually a real problem. Every student comes by and drinks from the tap, adding the germs from their hands and their lips to the bowel and the handle, but that’s not so bad. What’s really awful is the kids that bend down and put their lips to the tap. That means every child who drinks after this will absorb all the germs of the first child. This increases exponentially with every kid that does this.



Harris School Cafeteria
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This isn’t really surprising, a place kids go to eat food, with hands they probably didn’t wash. They trade this food to other people and pass along their germs, throw food at one another and pass germs across the room and so on and so forth. This will cause real chaos and illness throughout the school.

Making sure kids have fun and learn is one thing, making sure they don’t get hurt or sick has to be the real priority. You don’t want your child ill or in trouble, so make sure any school you send your kids to has a good cleaner and is aware of the problem.