Makeup Advice for Pale Skin

pale skin
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Although the pale skin went out of mainstream fashion after the Victorian age, as soon as the wealthy became the only people who could afford to systematically top up their tan. That doesn’t mean that pale skin is any less beautiful, just because the tides of fashion have turned. Unfortunately, if you do have truly pale skin, a tan is naturally out of your reach (any hint of sunlight and you burn!). This means that you’ve got to take control of your own style now and make your beautiful skin shine by applying the perfect makeup palettes.

Always Wear Blush

The risk that comes with pale skin is looking washed out. If you aren’t naturally all peaches and cream, it’s a good idea to always apply blush. This brings out a little colour in your pale cheeks and you should choose light pink shades. For a greater glow, apply crème blush in circular motions. Unless you want to look dirty, avoid the bronzer – it is not your friend.

Use Brown Eyeliner and Mascara

Now, this isn’t a hard and fast rule by all means, but generally, you should be swapping your kohl eyeliner for an earthy shade. Black can look harsh and unnatural against your skin.

Go Blue-Toned

Although blue eyeshadow is a big no-no for pale skinned girls, blue based lipsticks make bright colours accessible for the delicate skin shades. Lilac and mauve look pretty on your lips and you can pull off red too, as long as it’s blue toned. If you choose to rock a red lipstick, leave your eyes almost untouched as this is hot right now on the beauty fashion scene and also doesn’t swamp your delicate features. It’s more important for you than other people with darker skin tones to get the balance right and not cake on the make-up.


For porcelain skinned dolls, it’s exceptionally difficult to get the right foundation. You should aim to find a colour which is half a shade below your natural skin tone. If your foundation is too dark, you’ll end up looking like an overbaked orange. Choose a tinted moisturiser if you struggle in the make-up aisles and pick one with high SPF. Your skin is exceptionally vulnerable to the sun and overexposure will most certainly lead to early aging.


You may have areas on your face, such as under your eyes, which are translucent. Make sure to go over these bits with concealer because veins and dark patches show up quite dramatically. Your concealer should be at least one tone lighter than your skin colour.

Look After Your Skin

Light skins tend to be very sensitive in general, so you really can’t neglect your skincare regime. Try to look for  perfect skincare products that will suit your sensitive skin like OFRA Cosmetics which has a vast line of professional skin care and makeup products.

Pamper yourself with moisturisers and face masks. Don’t over-scour your face with abrasive products, as this can damage the skin’s surface. Although properly looking after your skin does take up a lot of time, comfort yourself in the knowledge that pale skin rarely yields spots, so you are blemish-free for longer.