Body Treatments for Men and Women

Modern life can be stressful and that is why there is an increased need to relax. A spa can offer a variety of relaxing treatments for men and women of different ages. A body massage can provide some much needed relief from strain and stress. Shiatsu and Swedish massages offer some of the best benefits when it comes to relaxation. These traditional massages target the back area, which is lined with sensitive nerves coming from the spinal cord. There may also be full body massages that focus on the limbs.


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Acupuncture is often integrated into a full body treatment at a spa. This ancient technique involves the insertion of very thin needles below the skin of a client. Once inside, the needles target connective tissue and nerves of the peripheral nervous system. There may be a feeling of being numb due to the targeting of nerves throughout the entire body. A massage Montreal treatment may combine acupuncture along with some herbal products such as tea and extracts available in supplement form. Massage et massotherapie Montreal is another option of relaxation for individuals that compete in sports at high levels.

After an intense match, an athlete needs to cool down and relax the body in order to avoid any injuries. Therapeutic massages can be used to target large muscle groups in the arms, legs, thighs and back. Athletes also get their muscles warmed up before a major competition with innovative massages techniques that are available at modern spa settings in Canada.