How Poor Mental and Physical Health Can Affect Your Entire Life

Mental and physical health

Have you been under a great deal of stress lately? There is a good chance that it may have begun to affect your health in more ways than one. Mental and physical health often coincides with each other as a result of extreme stress or a form of underlying medical illness. Over time, these effects can begin to target different aspects of your life. Here are just a few examples and what you can do to change your life around.

Leads to Addiction Issues

Having an underlying mental illness like depression or generalized anxiety disorder can instantly affect your mental status and also your physical well being. If your mental illness goes untreated, in some cases, you may happen to turn to drugs and alcohol to help curb symptoms and ease the pain. This is not a healthy or permanent fix. In fact, it can make your underlying mental issues much worse and physical problems more complex. Addiction can quickly develop and before you know it, you’re facing another serious medical problem that requires a complex solution. Some forms of drug and alcohol treatment include:

  • Inpatient detox from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision.
  • Short and long-term therapy with a psychologist or mental health specialist.
  • Follow-up care including sober house and group accountability classes or sessions.

Mental and physical health

Not addressing your mental illness or underlying medical problem can lead to poor health habits. If you feel your suffering from a mental illness, anxiety or depression, contact your healthcare provider right away for a complete evaluation.

Affects Sleep and Personality

If you’ve had depression or have been suffering from a physical condition like arthritis or muscle pain, your whole body can be affected. One example is through your personality. You may experience moodiness or have fluctuations in how you react to certain situations. This could be because of lack of proper sleep and rest from your pain and discomfort. Not getting comfortable at night, experience intense pain when lying down or having anxious thoughts all contribute to insomnia and a poor night’s sleep. This can greatly affect your overall well being and leave a lasting impact on your health. Addressing the underlying pain with your doctor and coming up with healthy solutions through massage therapy, chiropractic care, and other holistic avenues can help you avoid becoming addicted to opioid pain meds.

Affect Personal Relationships and Quality of Life

Being in poor physical health can affect your personal relationships and make it hard to forge lasting friendships as well. This is because you may be withdrawn because you don’t feel well enough to engage in daily activities. Getting help with addressing these issues is the first step. Being overweight and not being able to physically engage in intimate relationships or physical activities that your partner may like can really put a damper on relationships. Ask your doctor or nutritionist about a weight loss plan that will help to improve your quality of life. This could be through daily exercise and eating more healthier foods from the main food groups.

Work Engagement

Suffering from a mental condition such as bipolar disorder may hit hard in your work life. The mood swings triggered by a bipolar episode can make it challenging to deal with other employees or customers—if you work with the public. The key is to find a healthy balance of being on the right medication combination, getting some form of psychotherapy and finding a healthy outlet for your stress levels. This could be through:

  • Physical activities to relieve work-related stress, such as yoga or kickboxing.
  • Finding a support group for those who suffer from bipolar disorder.
  • Talking with a trusted friend.
  • Engaging in something that grounds you, such as a hobby or form of community service.

Having your doctor check your hormone and stress levels is also beneficial. Allow yourself enough time to take care of yourself, so you can be a productive and efficient employee every day of the week.

Working through struggles and dealing properly with daily stressors is just a small factor that goes into having a healthy lifestyle. Work on each facet of your life a little at a time. Eventually, it will all come together and you’ll soon be on the road to a healthier you.