Why Should You Use Mouthwash after Brushing Your Teeth

Many people believe that brushing alone is enough to keep their mouths clean and free of germs and bad breath. However, using mouthwash every time after brushing has sheer benefits that you should also know about. Oral rinse is recommended by dentists for adults and kids alike for a better dental and oral health.


Proper tooth brushing, flossing and mouth rinse are the hygiene habits we should set early to our children to ensure a lifetime of good dental health. It is advised to supervise younger children when using a mouthwash.


Here’s why you should make it a point to gargle after brushing:


Kills germs in hard to reach areas – brushing and flossing only cleans places that they can reach so it is equally important to go in between teeth and hard to reach gum areas. Mouthwash can do this and fight off germs where brushing and flossing cannot.


Freshens Breath – mouthwash leaves your mouth with a clean feel and fresh breath. You can find a mouthwash like Swish in variety of flavors like peppermint and fruity flavors that you and your family will truly love. Having fresh breath is not only beneficial to you, but it also very important when you deal with other people.



Loosens food stuck between teeth – swishing mouthwash after brushing also helps loosens food particles caught between the teeth. Doing this is a good alternative when you run out of floss.


Fights Against Cavities – mouthwash have active ingredients that does not only freshens your breath but also help fight against germs and cavities. A person who regularly uses mouthwash has lesser buildup of plaque and cavities.


Choosing an alcohol-free oral care brand like Swish to add in your oral care routine helps fight gum diseases like gingivitis, prevents plaque buildup and bad breath.  Our family loves the peppermint flavor. Swish is another quality product of Unilab, a trusted brand in terms of oral care.  To learn more on how to keep a long lasting fresh breath please visit