Tips to keep Bones Healthy and Strong

Bones become brittle as we grow older, and may lead to osteoporosis, a disease that causes bone loss. Generally, women have this condition. However, not only elders can have poor bone health but also children and young adults as well. We need to give importance to our body resistance and immunity but do not neglect taking good care of our bones too.
Eat a balanced diet rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin D.  The building blocks of strong bones which improves bone and muscle health at all ages. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, fish and nuts are excellent sources of calcium and protein.  As for vitamin D, sunlight is still the best, but you can also get it from fatty fish and eggs.
Daily exercises help build and maintain strong bones.  It also prevent muscles from wasting away.  Recommended exercises are weight lifting exercises, weight bearing aerobic exercises.  But before doing so consult an orthopedist first.

Healthy lifestyle, take note that smoking, excessive alcohol and sedentary lifestyle all contribute to making oneself susceptible to Osteoporosis