Everything You Need to Know About Shaping Up for Summer

Shaping up for summer. It’s something we hear every single year. The only problem is, people say this around one month before summer starts. Unfortunately, shaping up for summer needs to start well in advance. The sooner you start, the better! There are a few other tips that could help you when you’re thinking of shaping up for summer too. Take a look:



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It’s a Long Term Process

‘Shaping up for summer’ isn’t something you start to do one month, or even a few months before summer. It should start in winter, or all year round. The process of getting into shape is long term, and requires you to be consistent with your eating and exercising.


Make a Lifestyle Change

You need to see this as a lifestyle change for it to work. If you look at it as a short term thing, then you’ll give up when summer is over and set an unhealthy pattern in motion. Change your attitude towards this process. Don’t look at it as a chore, see it as something you like to do. Make it sustainable by not being too hard on yourself, starving yourself, or over exercising. Simply be consistent with your efforts.


Do Things You Enjoy

You won’t stick to shaping up if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. The two most effective things you can do are HIIT and resistance training. This will help you to shed fat effectively while holding on to your muscle. Without muscle you’ll lose definition and become ‘skinny fat’, so you definitely need some resistance in there. Feel free to mix up your routines and do classes too. You can do a mixture of all over body exercises, arm exercises, leg exercises, core exercises, and exercises for lower abs. This will ensure you’re working your whole body.


Set Short Term Goals

Rather than setting one huge goal, set little goals at a time and get to your big goal that way. For example, your goals could be:

  • Do at least 3 gym sessions per week.
  • Lift heavier.
  • Run faster.
  • Lose an inch off your waist.


There are all kinds of things you can do and goals you can set, so try it.


Take Pictures

Progress pictures will help you to see how far you’ve come. It’s common for people to believe that they haven’t made much progress, but with progress pictures you can see it with your own eyes.


Record Your Progress

Write down your progress to help you see how much fitter you’re getting. Write down your weights, your times, anything to encourage yourself to improve and do better.


Allow a Treat Once in a While

A healthy lifestyle isn’t sustainable without a treat once in a while. Allow yourself a cheat meal or two, but don’t go too crazy. Always keep the balance so you can be fit and healthy for the long run!


If you want to shape up for the summer, start right now. You won’t regret it, I promise!