Facial Washing Secrets Revealed

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How often do you wash your face?  We all know that it is important to wash our face to get rid of the daily dirt and grime that once accumulated through improper cleansing may lead to pimples and black or white heads.

Here are tips given to me by our Dermatologist during our last visit to her clinic due to my 12 year old son’s growing forehead pimples.

For Dry Skin – clean your face twice daily using a gentle cleanser; avoid products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate which can strip the natural oils

For Oily Skin – which is my son’s case, cleansing should be done twice a day to strip away excess oils and clean out pores. A toner was prescribed to follow up the facial washing to remove left-over dirt and oil. A gel type cleanser for oily skin is recommended for daily use.

For combination skin – Look for a glycerin based gentle cleanser and then follow it up with a gentle toner.

Another tip is never sleep with your make-up on. So the only trick to get rid of stripping the natural oils is by using the right facial wash product and knowing the skin type you have. Now, the next question is, what skin type do you have?