The Best Sports for Working Your Whole Body

Those who view the gym as their second home will often split their workouts into various categories, focusing on different areas each day, from toned tums to legs, arms, cardio, and overall stamina.

Lots of people love to plan and plot the perfect regime, but for some it’s an unnecessarily tedious task that you could really do without. If you’re not a fitness aficionada, and have no intention of becoming one, sports that work your whole body can be a better option than a comprehensive workout regime.

Luckily, there are lots to choose from, and all will tone, increase your fitness, and build your stamina without requiring an encyclopaedic knowledge of working out. If they sound perfect for you, then here are a few fun pursuits for you to pick from…

1: Rowing

Feb Rowing Camp
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Rowers are known for their broad shoulders and muscled arms, but rowing increases much more than your upper body strength. Its continuous movement is perfect for encouraging you to bend and stretch, and will actually work out all parts of your body, from your legs to your shoulder, back, and abdomen. Even better, it will help you to escape the tedium of the gym, and give you the chance to enjoy fresh air and beautiful waterscapes. For those who prefer team sports, most cities will have a rowing club for you to join, and the friendships you’ll build can really help to motivate your newfound passion.

2: Horse Riding

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There is a common misconception around horse riding as a sport. It’s all too easy to watch equestrians in motion and assume that they simply sit there, but this is because the aim of the game is to make it look entirely effortless. In fact,horse riding can actually help to burn around 400 calories an hour. It’s particularly useful for improving body awareness, as it not only works the core muscles that stabilise your torso, but also requires an impressive level of coordination and stability. This is great news for your postural strength, and your inner thighs and pelvic muscles are also guaranteed to get a fantastic workout whenever you spend some time in the saddle.

3: Skateboarding

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Skateboarding is often perceived as more of a cultural phenomenon than a sport, but it actually offers a wonderful full body workout. Due to the level of flexibility required to skate, it can really help to loosen up your muscles and encourage freedom of movement. Your body must be able to adapt to constant shifts in the position of your feet and legs, as well as a reliance on your arms for balance, and all of this does wonders for toning muscles and improving physical endurance. What’s more, it’s been shown to burn between 150 and 500 calories an hour, which is good news for those with a little extra weight to lose.

If you’re searching for a new sport, could one of these fitness pursuits prove to be the perfect new hobby for you?

Safety Guidelines When Riding An ATV


All Terrain Vehicle or ATV has become one of the most sought after adventure rides these days. They are being offered by a lot of nature parks to roam around their place and even people who don’t have any know-how in driving can ride on it.

Since the vehicle is being used on rough and uneven roads, injuries to riders is very common. That’s why; facilitators see to it that their riders are complete with protective gears. Orientations are being made before any lap of the ride especially for those who are going to try it for the first time. For a group of amateurs, a guide who is riding in ATV is leading the trail with another one at the end of it. In the event when one of the riders would get into trouble, immediate rescue is readily available.

One lap would normally last for 30 minutes but the entire ride would surely be unforgettable. Narcissistic riders even stop in some areas and take pictures. This just proves that riding an ATV is something worth keeping and sharing.

In as much as we all want to have fun, we should also bear in mind that safety should be given the top most priority.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crossfit

Crossfit has been big news for the last 5 years or so. It’s been around much longer than that, but it really started to catch on in the late 2000’s with Crossfit gyms popping up all over the place. We don’t want to get too scientific about things, but we can definitely tell you that the most basic Crossfit method puts big, compound movements as a priority. However, Crossfit isn’t just something people use as a way to get fit – it’s a great sport too! the annual Crossfit games is an international competition that anyone can qualify for with hard work. Crossfit is definitely a complex subject, but we’re going to tell you everything you need to know in this post:


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In Crossfit, exercises like the squat, overhead press, Olympic barbell clean and jerk, Olympic barbell snatch, and the deadlift are popular. Not many movements in Crossfit are done lying down or sitting.


Typically, you’ll enter a Crossfit gym and there will be a ‘WOD’ on the board, AKA workout of the day. The set workout is like a to do list, but you vary the weight lifted to suit you. The trainer will recommend weights, but you need to alter them to suit you. You should be doing them as heavy as you possibly can though, without causing injury to yourself. If you love Crossfit, you can always take it more seriously and train for the official Crossfit games.


You should expect a WOD to be difficult. There will be lots of barbell movements, with hardly any rest. Your entire workout is timed, and you must try to either complete it as quickly as possible, or fit as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) into an allocated time frame. You need to be careful during these workouts, as your technique can suffer as you get tired.


One thing is for sure when it comes to Crossfit: you’ll get fit. Very fit! Crossfit workouts are challenging, which will trigger lots of fat loss. You’ll even notice muscle development, which will cause men to get bigger and women to become more ‘toned’. You’ll notice your body composition change for the better, and your shape will be more athletic.


You do enter Crossfit at your own risk if you’re new to the weight training scene. However, the pros are greatly outweighed by the cons. The whole notion behind Crossfit is great – community is promoted, strength training is prioritised, and you get some healthy competition while you’re at it. If your goal is to get tighter and leaner, then you can’t go far wrong with Crossfit.


With all of this in mind, here are 10 tips for beginners:


  • Remember that you’re competing against yourself, not others.
  • Don’t be too proud to scale your workout down. You might need to do pushups on your knees, or simply use the bar without weights for your exercises. Either way, it’s important you try your hardest while minimising injury.
  • Getting your diet down is very important – more important than the training you’re doing! Put good food in your mouth and you’ll get great results. Fat loss supplements can also help too, like CLA capsules.


Above all, when doing Crossfit – remember to have fun! This sport will help you to enjoy life more, so go out and do just that.

Getting Kids Started with Snowboarding

Teaching kids about sports and physical activities can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when your child is an introvert but, introducing him to some cool sports such as snowboarding can easily set him up. Unlike other snow sports, snowboard is easier to teach to children because there is not much need for coordination. Your kid only needs to learn body balance, then  all he has to think about is the board that he is riding. Before you start off, check out the children’s snowboards, clothing and gears for you to get all the right sizes for your child’s age, height and weight. Be sure to get safety gears too and never allow them on the slopes without any helmet on.


After buying the right gears, the kids can become too excited and head to the slopes right away. But never let them try this out without getting lessons first. Snowboarding truly is a cool sports but it is also a risky and extreme one. Kids should know some of the basics before they try it. Find a certified instructor if you can’t do the lessons. Your winter resort may also offer ski and snowboarding lessons to their clients or customers especially if they cater to families with children. If they have snowboarding class for groups, allow your child to join. This way they will be motivated to learn the sports and socialize with other kids at the same time.


Why it is important to have your bike serviced regularly

Bicycles are an exciting way to travel and if you’re like me, you want to jump on straight away and start pedaling around like you’re the King of the street. However, like most things in life, your two wheeler isn’t invincible. If left unmaintained, the components of the frame will begin to wear down and over time it will perform inefficiently. For your own safety (and the ones around you) it’s essential to perform general maintenance practices on your bike. Here’s some tips to get you started on your journey to become a cycle expert.



Assessing your tires

This is one you need to be doing every week, or month, depending on how often you ride.Assessing your tires basically includes evaluating how much air is in them and pumping them up accordingly. It’s also important to check for tears or hole in the tires. Tip: Small bits of metal and glass can wedge themselves into the rubber which gradually leads to a flat tyre.


Assessing the deterioration of your brakes

A common issue that people tend to ignore is how well the brakes actually work. You’d be surprised that most people will settle for stopping the bike themselves once it gets to a slow speed. To gauge the efficiency of your brakes is simple to do and even easier to fix. Just squeeze your brake levers and ensure your bike comes to a complete stop without fraying or stretching the cables. The next thing to check is the actual brake pads. Your brake pads are rubber clamps attached to your rims that decrease the speed of the bike when you clutch the levers. To calculate, simply squeeze down on the levers again and make sure they are hitting the rims evenly.


Lubricating your bike

The parts of your bike that move are vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Lubrication protects these parts from excessive wear, stops them from stiffening and keeps rust from damaging the exposed metal. While lubricating is valuable for increasing the performance level of your cycle, over-lubricating it can lead to component damage. It’s important to know the difference and make sure you wipe away excess lube before the bicycle is used again. The parts of your bike that should be greased is the chain, bolts,pivot points on the breaks, derailleur assemblies, brake and derailleur cables, and pedals.


When to take it to a bike specialist?

Not all of us are mechanical geniuses. To me, a manual looks like map that navigates the user through a very large, extremely dense forest.If you ride more than once a week, you should be taking your bike into a specialist like 99 Bikes at least once or twice a year. They will likely do a general maintenance, check the durability of the breaks and gears, and fix any major problems without the price tag of a car service.

Got any tips on how to maintain your bike? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.


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Quality Sports News Coverage

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This article was written by Randy Sheppard.