New Year’s make overs

New Year

Post Christmas indulgence, many of us are looking to start the new year on the right foot. Read below for our tips to make 2018 your healthiest year yet!

Declutter your life

Whether you’re a Marie Kondo or The Minimalists fan, taking the time to sort through the clutter that has accumulated over the years is quite cathartic! Not only will you gain more control over your living or working space, most likely this will assist you to be more mindful with your purchasing in the future, great news for your bank balance! Aside from a de-stash in your work space and home, consider ways to organise your life and commitments to limit the frantic, last minute chaos of forgotten presents or paying of bills. Whether it be automatic reminders or blocking our time in the diary to address all the personal admin, planning this will mean you spend a lot less time overall on these activities.

Tweak your output

On the topic of diaries, making a commitment to exercise more or to simply be ‘more healthy,’ will typically not result in the formation of a new habit in the long term. Instead schedule time in to actually complete that daily walk or to get to the gym. Of course you can be flexible, but if your workout time scheduled at the same time that dinner needs preparing, chances are you won’t make it! Being realistic with goal setting is also useful, gym sessions 4 times a week are difficult to sustain if previously you were at zero. Start with a smart goal that describes when, how and for how long you will commit to certain activities. Then review after it expires and see whether you can set a new challenge or will continue on your new path. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, why not consider completing a fitness course online? This can help save costs on personal trainers as you’ll be able to apply the knowledge gained through the course to your own workouts.

Goal setting for financial objectives

On the topic of achievements, it’s also good to have some longer term goals in mind and plan ahead for those. Rather than taking out a personal loan, make changes in your budget to set aside extra cash for that indulgence whether it be a new car or holiday. Investing in yourself also counts, so if you are needing to cover the cost of a labiaplasty procedure in Melbourne or want to learn how to speak Spanish, saving up will also give you more time to determine how important the purchase is to you. Impulse buying can be costly, especially if in 6 months time your little splurge is not so meaningful to you anymore. Many people can save cash buy opening up a fee free, high interest savings account specifically devoted to their goal. Putting regular money aside that is not easily accessible is the best way to go.

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