Why Thyroid Cancer is Considered A Not-So-Bad Cancer Type

The recent announcement by Brooke Burke-Charvet, the popular co-host of Dancing With The Stars, that she was diagnoses with thyroid cancer is bringing new light to the subject. According to the National Cancer Institute, every year more than 56,000 people in the United States receive the same diagnosis.

thyroid cancer
photo credits: nlm.nih.gov

It is important that we realize that fewer than 1,800 of these people die each year from this disease. With this kind of prognoses, some doctors say this is the “good kind” of cancer to have if there is such a thing.

Surgery is the most often used method of treatment for thyroid cancer, and that is what Brooke will undergo. She says that her doctor made it clear to her that this will be a “happily-ever-after experience because the only thing that she will notice after she has become accustomed to replacement thyroid hormones is the tiny necklace shaped scar.   Continue reading “Why Thyroid Cancer is Considered A Not-So-Bad Cancer Type”