Helpful Tips For The Female Bodybuilder

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We all go to pretty insane lengths for a healthier body. You might remember “Whole 30 Project” back in 2012. Cutting back on booze is really hard as it is. If you’re getting into body building, then I salute you! Although you’re doing some pretty amazing things for your body, there’s probably room for improvement. Here’s a few tips you should be bringing into your workouts.


My first tip is to eat more. This might come as a shock, I know! As a woman, you’re probably far too used to watching your weight. A lot of new female bodybuilders seem to forget that you need to eat more in order to gain muscle. You could be hitting the gym far more than anyone, but if you’re not eating right it’s all useless work! You should approach your diet much the same as male bodybuilders do. By that I mean the types of food, not the quantities. Naturally, men tend to have more muscle and less fat. This means that the lucky sods can take far more calories! If you want better management over your weight, you might want to consider stacks like the Bliss Go Pack.


If you’re hitting the gym, you might have a fear of over-doing it all. Most women start body building to have more toned bellies, and certainly don’t want to look like She-Hulk. This possibility shouldn’t scare you off from heavier weights. If you want to see results, then you’ll need to be a little braver than those five-pound dumbbells you’ve been using. As you push yourself further, your muscle tissue will break down and repair itself larger than before. Ginormous muscles can’t creep up on you, so don’t worry about looking grotesque! Remember that women’s bodies produce far less testosterone than men’s. The concentration of this hormone is a big part of muscle building. Because of this, us girls have much more control over how our muscles emerge.


Finally, spread your workouts across your body. You’ve probably been recommended a variety of exercises which will only target one group of muscles. Isolated exercises can be useful for bodybuilders, but usually aren’t the best move for casual gym bunnies. If you want to tone your entire body, then include more compound exercises. Squats, deadlifts, and rows are all good ones to start with. These will get you used to heavier weights, and develop more muscles in a shorter time. These kinds of exercises are also pretty easy to advance in a short space of time, so you’ll get more overall satisfaction from your workout. Even if you’re forcing yourself into the gym, there’s an incentive. Targeting several muscles at once will develop your curves in a hurry!


I hope these tips have made you feel a little more confident with your body building pursuits. Finally, if you’re having issues with self-discipline, make your workout more flexible. Getting away from the same monotonous exercises and changing up your routine can be a massive boost to your overall attitude.