Weird And Wonderful Ways To Stay Healthy

When it comes to staying healthy, most people go for the tried and tested route. And why not? You know that this route is clinically proven to work in many respects, which is what you want at the end of the day. However, your health and the health or everyone around you differs quite dramatically. That is to say, what is good for someone else is not necessarily good for you and your body. So, when that is the case, what do you do? You do the only thing possible and turn to the alternatives.

Here are the most unconventional ways of staying fit and healthy.


  1. Try Natural Remedies

The pharmaceutical industry is massive. Every year, it makes billions of dollars because the products they create are so good. Ask anyone how they try and stay healthy or recover from an illness and they will say with medicine. Yet, medicine is not for everyone because there are side-effects in some cases. Instead, you should try a natural or organic remedy. They harness the power of the natural world by using the environments natural cures to help your body. For more, check out Home Remedy Shop and posts such as

  1. Eat Chocolate

Finally, a health-conscious blog that you can get behind! Yes, eating chocolate is good for your body as long as you eat the right types. Forget about the chocolates that you see all around the supermarket and look for the ones with high cocoa content, at least 75%. Cocoa has healing properties, which is why the chocolate you eat needs to have lots of it. Also, this is not an excuse to gorge yourself on candy. Little amounts are fine, but large amounts are still harmful.

  1. Drink Coffee And Go For A Nap

How does this work? It works by mixing two powerful remedies together for the ultimate result. Yes, coffee is a stimulant that stops you from going to sleep. However, it times time to kick in and have an effect. By the time the coffee is coursing through your veins, you will have been to sleep and woken up again. By doing this, you clear the brain of adenosine, a hormone that affects alertness and make yourself doubly alert. And, when you are more alert, you are less fatigued and less likely to feel stress.

  1. Or Just Sleep

If you don’t like the idea of napping, make sure you get seven to nine hours of rest a night. Without sleep, your body cannot regenerate cells and recover from the day’s activities. It is important that you head to bed early, and try and make your room as sleep-conducive as possible. For example, paint the walls a soft color, remove electrical appliances, and install curtains instead of blinds.

  1. Eat More To Weigh Less

Obviously, your weight is a big factor in your health. Conventional wisdom says you need to eat less to lose weight, but that is not true. You can eat more often and still lose weight. Eat up to five or six small platefuls of food a day for the best results.

  1. Make Exercise Fun

No one likes exercise because it is boring. By making it fun, you will be able to stick to a routine and increase your cardiovascular system. Try mixing up your workouts for the ultimate effect.


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Stay Healthy The Easy Way With These 3 Tips

Many people think that staying healthy is a difficult chore. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be, and if you are sensible about how you live your life, it can be quite easy. There are simple ways that you can stay healthy without investing a lot of time and effort. A lot of people do not realise this but if you live an average life, the human body will stay relatively healthy. That is its natural condition, and that means there is no need for strenuous exercise routines or fat-free dieting. You do not have to invest in products to create healthier snacks and beverages. Here is what we mean.

1. Easy Eating

What we mean by this is that unless you are overweight, then you do not need to go on an intensive diet regime. For most people, eating a normal, well-balanced diet is enough to keep them healthy. A well-balanced diet means that you have fruit, veg, protein and fish. Basically, you keep a wide variety of food and drinks in your diet. That includes a little fat, a little salt and a few guilty pleasures. If you follow our other tips, they will not have a big effect on your body. Unless you want to look like a supermodel, there is no need to cut all the “bad foods” out your diet. In fact, this can often do more harm than good.

2. Avoid Harmful Products

Anything can be harmful in large amounts of course. For instance, you can eat a healthy diet but if you eat more than you should and do not exercise you are going to put on weight. One glass of red wine a week is good for you but a bottle each night can damage your liver. On the other hand, some products are bad for you full stop. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who smokes cigarettes is addicted to them. Some people have one now and then without getting addicted to relieve stress and tension. But if you are one of these people, you should break the habit. Nicotine is bad for you even in small quantities. Similarly, any illegal narcotic even in small quantities can be bad for your health. If you do have an addiction issue and you want to stop using, research a drug addiction treatment centre.

3. A Good Amount of Exercise

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The amount will be different for each individual. Some people find they love to exercise and will do as much as they can through the week. You may be one of these people and if that is the case you have to watch you do not do too much rather than too little. On the other hand, some will try to avoid exercise at all costs. Our recommendation to these people would be to start by going for a long walk after work each day. Then, gradually increase your pace until you are jogging. Be sure to do the proper stretches and warm up before you go. As long as you are eating healthily and avoiding harmful substances, this will be enough to keep you fit.