Improve Agility and Fitness by Training like an Athlete


Are you looking for the finest ways of improving upon your speed with the next marathon coming up soon? Are you in awe of certain gym-goers who have managed to build their muscles the right way, and in the least possible time? How would you like to enhance your agility metrics by getting the most essential tips from experts and top trainers in the industry? If the answers to these and related queries are in the affirmative, then you would love to read what follows below to train like an athlete. These tips will come in handy to increase your fitness levels, speed and agility alike. They will help in making your athletic performance better, regardless of which sport you pursue.

Relax & Release

Deep tissue work or myofascial release deactivates aggravating muscle knots and increases the suppleness levels of your body. You may like to invest in a lacrosse ball, softball, foam roller, golf ball, or a minimalistic massage stick to go about the task on your own. As per experts in the world of training, you need to make smooth passes, and in case you get to feel any tightness or knots, you just have to roll out the specific point for a while to allow the particular area to soften and relax. There are certain muscle groups that tend to get inflamed when you are going about your movements; especially when we train like an athlete. As the presence of tight glutes hinders your ability to jump, squat and bend, the tissue work is best performed before workouts to get prepared for action, and post-workout for the purposes of recovery.

Activating your Muscles

Bands are wonderful products for training your body to do the so far impossible actions. Your muscles will react and contract as a response to the resistance and force created by the band. In turn, the act will give you adequate stability to stabilize your joints and make them stronger and more agile than before. You may like to try out vertical pulls to activate your muscles post the self-myofascial release for best results.

Turn your lights off

When you slip into slumber you allow your body to go into a level that is crucial for aiding the anabolic state of growth. Given this fact, it is important that you allow yourself a good seven to nine hours of sleep every night, and at a stretch. As most active gym goers have a full day’s work in front of them, they need this quantum of sleep before or after performing their workouts.

Concentrate on compound movements

Lastly, it is essential to lay focus on compound movements of the likes of squats, overhead presses, power cleans, and deadlifts; these movements are known to use multiple joints at the same time and give optimal results. The idea lies in using more muscles at the same time so that more muscle mass can be gained with minimal efforts.

These and other related tips from expert instructors will surely help you train like an athlete – just go for them!