5 Trendy Facial Hair Styling Options for Men

Facial hair is a very important part of a man’s style. It can either display a new personality he wants to explore or reinforce the one he is already comfortable with. However, more often than not, facial hair is part of a trending style that you want to be on top of. Here are some of the more popular facial hair styles of the day.


facial hair
photo credits: menshair.about.com

Traditionally, stubble has been the sign of laziness or lack of care in your appearance. Now, it is a symbol of strength, manliness, and sexuality. There are several ways you can achieve this style. If you use an electric razor, you can use a setting that raises the blade a bit to leave a short stubble. Many men shave their facial hair clean off a few days before they want the sexy stubble so it looks the most natural. The most important thing to remember is that you must still make it neat. This means no neck beards or uneven patches.  Continue reading “5 Trendy Facial Hair Styling Options for Men”