Superfoods to Keep You Warm This Winter

As fall turns to winter, it’s common to turn to comfort foods to keep us cozy and warm. Traditional staples like casseroles and steaming beverages are popular options, especially in the holiday season. But traditional comfort foods aren’t always so healthy! And you definitely don’t want to come out on the other side of winter with extra pounds on your body. So keep your weight down and avoid the super fattening and sugary treats that often accompany the holidays. Instead, put some of these superfoods on your meal.





Think you need super sugary breakfasts in the wintertime to get your cozy breakfast fix? Your dentist would go crazy if they saw you diving into those super sweet cinnamon rolls around the holidays! Instead, create oatmeal breakfasts that satisfy all the cold-weather cravings. Cook oatmeal with soy milk and bananas for extra creamy texture, then you can mix in dried cranberries, peanut butter or even pumpkin for different flavors.


Hot chocolate

Who says you have to give up all of your favorite comfort foods when wintertime comes? While the packaged hot chocolate you might be used isn’t the healthiest version, you can make your own with superfood power. Melt a few squares of dark chocolate into hot almond milk for a creamy and decadent treat.


Black bean soup

Make this soup spicy with cumin and chilis to keep you warm and healthy during the cold months. Black beans are great for protein as well as vitamins you need to stay healthy during the winter, and a big pot of black bean soup can last you during the week for leftovers.



This superfood is jam packed with nutrients that are great for your heart and brain, and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied. You can make desserts using crushed walnuts as the base for the crust, and throw crumbled walnuts on a salad with dried cranberries and goat cheese for a delicious side dish. You can also toast walnuts in the oven to have on hand for a healthy snack high in omega-3’s.



Everyone loves pumpkin during the holidays, and it just happens to be super healthy for you as well. This bright orange fruit is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and it’s low in calories and sugar (as long as you buy the unprocessed kind!) Pumpkin pie is a relatively healthy holiday dessert, and pumpkin soup is another great cold-weather comfort meal.


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