4 Health Tests Every Woman in Her 30’s Must Take

Every woman should put health on top priority. Even if you don’t feel anything right now, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing amiss with your body. Keep in mind that as you age, your health needs changes, thus here are four vital screening and health tests that you must get when you hit your 30’s.

Mammogram and Clinical Breast Exam

A mammogram is a type of x-ray designed to help specialist examine breast tissues for any suspicious spots. Clinical breast exam allows the doctor to check abnormalities in your breast such as dimpling, rash, changes in shape or size.

During a breast exam, a physician will ask you to raise your arms over your head, press your hands against your hips or let them hang by your side. On the other hand, a mammogram procedure exposes your breast to a minute dose of iodizing radiation to get images of the breast tissues.

Women in their 30’s should have a clinical breast exam every three years and talk to their doctor if they need to get a mammogram. For women 40 years old and above, mammogram is a must every two years. Many health insurance companies offer free mammogram for some of their premiums.


Pap Smear and HPV Test

Starting the age 21 or once a woman become sexually active, getting pap smear screening is a recommended. Through this, one can also go for an HPV test to ensure that no abnormal growth and human papilloma virus is detected.

In a pap smear, a doctor or nurse will gently insert a speculum into the vagina to slightly open it. The doctor will see inside the vagina and check your cervix. They will scrape cells from the opening of the cervix for further examination. Pap smear is one of the most effective means to screen for cervical cancer and HPV test will provide early detection for the presence of human papillomavirus. . It is recommended to get pap smear every year and have an HPV test every five years.


Cholesterol Test

Lipid panel or lipid profiles are the other terms for a cholesterol test. This test can accurately measure the amount of cholesterol as well as triglycerides in the blood. A small amount of blood will be taken from your arm to be analyzed in a laboratory. This test can determine your cholesterol levels and see if you are at risk of developing heart diseases. Women 30 and above must have their cholesterol levels checked every four to six years as part of an overall cardiovascular risk assessment. There are health insurance Philippines that has this type of executive check -up especially packaged for women.


STI Test/Screening

Depending on a woman’s age, sexual activities and other risks, there are different types of STI tests that you can take. This test is recommended not only for women 30 years and above but also for those who have multiple sex partners.

Depending on the symptoms, you will undertake a physical exam and provide blood and urine samples. This text can detect early signs of HIV, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia and others. It is recommended to undergo this test once a year.


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Acupuncture for hot flashes

Ladies, we all know that the wonderful thing called “menopause” can have a few negative qualities that tend to override the redeeming ones. Do you experience hot flashes that feel like you are in a sauna? Are you looking for a way to rid yourself of those heated moments? Look no further! The old Chinese tradition of acupuncture is here to help reduce the intensity of your hot flashes.




Although the most common ways to help treat hot flashes are herbal remedies and hormone replacement therapy, a new study suggests that acupuncture may be your best bet. The study, conducted in Turkey, revealed that acupuncture helps lessen the severity of hot flashes and other symptoms related to menopause. Of the 53 women in the study, 27 of them received the traditional Chinese acupuncture and those women reported a significant decrease in the intensity of their hot flashes.

In addition to weaker hot flashes after a few acupuncture treatments, women also begin to feel more relaxed. With anxiety being associated with hot flashes, the weaker the hot flash, the less anxiety a women feels, allowing her to feel much more at ease. One reason acupuncture treatment may help reduce hot flashes is due to the increase in production of endorphins that could help regulate a more stable body temperature.

Not too thrilled about being stuck with needles? Have no fear, self-acupressure is here! There are many different “points” of the body that are associated with hot flashes, but there are three easy ones to apply pressure to at home. The first point is located below your hand, about half the width of your thumb, on the inside of the wrist, on the pinkie-finger side. This point is used when night sweating decides to join your hot flash party.

The second point is located near the ankle. One hand’s span up from the highest point of the inside of the ankle, right behind the bone, is where you will feel a soft depression. The point is right there and is used for all types of hot flashes.

The last point is located on the bottom of the foot, between your second and third toe. This point is good to engage when hot flashes attack your upper body and your face is flushed.

To put these points to good use, use your thumb or finger to apply firm pressure directly to the point. You can circle your thumb or finger pressing the point in a clockwise rotation for about 5-10 seconds. If you don’t think it is helping, double check that you are in the correct spot and then apply the pressure from a different angle.

Although hot flashes may come and go quickly, they are still unbearable! Acupuncture, or self-acupressure, treatment is a great way to help reduce the severity of hot flashes and may even help you relax.

This post was written for Fit and Sound by Dr. Anne Hermann. Anne is the owner and operator at Herman Wellness, a Tampa Acupuncture and Weight Loss Clinic.


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Stay Fit and Pretty Through Menopause

Most women find menopause to be an extremely difficult period in their lives. There are biological changes happening and even while their body is fit, there are discomfort and symptoms that they have to deal with. Most women in this period experience forgetfulness, anxiety attacks, moodiness and others. It sounds overwhelming, but the easiest way to counter this is to stay fit and take effort to look good.



Take some exercise class with some friends. Consider yoga, zumba, pilates and others. These activities will help your body produce Endorphins and give you a great feeling of well-being. Train for a marathon and other physical challenges if you can. Shift to a healthier diet rich in Omega-3 for a healthy heart and body. Lessen sugar consumption to prevent inflammation – hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats.


Take care of your physical appearance. Get your hair styled, go get a manicure and pedicure once and a while. You are not just being fit but you are also looking the part. Get the recommended hours of sleep each night so you wake up fresh and revitalized every day. Read, meditate and continue to enrich your mind. And lastly, laugh – don’t stress out too much it’s all part of life!

Natural Ways to Prevent Cervical Cancer

cervical cancer


Among the big C’s or cancers that people become afflicted to, cervical cancer in women is said to be one that can be prevented through natural methods. Part of taking care of a woman’s reproductive health is having regular Pap smear test wherein a gynecologist can check if there are any changes or abnormalities in the cervix. Continues studies are being made to find out how women can combat the main causes of cervical cancer. Some of the methods found to be effective are:

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Fundamental Preventive Tests and Screening for Women

It is just practical for us to know the essential and fundamental preventive tests needed to check for early warning signs of the most common diseases affecting women today. There are several health issues that affect women which needs proper attention through medical tests and screening regardless of age to stay fit and healthy.

preventive tests
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