In Your Twenties? Prevent Wrinkles Now!

Women in their twenties can often take advantage of the fact that they have beautiful skin. After all; the spotty teenage years are long gone, and the idea of wrinkles and fine lines seems so far away…but is it as far away as you think? Everything you eat, drink, all of the late nights, sun bathing…it probably hasn’t even nearly caught up with you yet. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start early. In fact, in your twenties you can do some great things to help prevent horrible wrinkles further on down the line. Read on to learn more:


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The Most Common Causes of Early Aging

The most common causes of early aging in women are sun damage, and we’re sorry to tell you: genetics. Luckily, there are certain products and procedures that can help to prevent early aging, as well as slow it down and correct and current forming creases. Women who have subjected themselves to sun damage early on in life should start taking care of their skin straight away, using daily sun protection and creams and serums with anti oxidants.


Essential Products for a Good Skin Care Routine

There are so many products available today, so the whole process of selecting products to help you in your fight against aging can be daunting. However, one essential product that the youngest looking women swear by is sun cream. When you use this regularly, it’ll slow down the appearance of photo damage on your face, as well as prevent wrinkles. You should also make sure you use serums that are suited to your skin type. Eye cream is a good choice too, for pesky fine lines and creases when you smile.


What to Do When You’re in A Rush

If you’re in a rush, it can be easy to skip a few steps in your routine in order to get to work/lunch/friends faster. However, by simply smoothing on a anti aging BB cream in the morning before you dash out of the door, you can hydrate your skin, protect your skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


What’s Best: Expensive High End or Cheaper High Street?

Ladies, don’t worry – just because a product is expensive, doesn’t mean that it’s going to do everything it says on the tin. You really can achieve a great looking skin using cheaper, high street products from a drug store. You should definitely buy cheaper exfoliants and face washes, but if you like you can splurge on a face cream.


Botox – How Old Should You Be?

There’s no right age to start botox, but you shouldn’t go with an attitude to prevent your wrinkles from appearing. Professionals will only treat you if you already have lines present. You could potentially start as soon as you see lines forming, but you need to be careful to find a qualified professional who knows how much to use and where to use it.

Getting the right amount of sleep, and daily exercise are also great ways of preventing wrinkles and getting great looking skin. Whatever you do, remember to remain sensible and consistent to see great results!

The ultimate guide to wrinkles

It is inevitable, a hard fact of life, that as we age our skin forms wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles are the most obvious and visual form of ageing, and preventing them, or at least minimising them, has been the aim of scientists for many years. But why does our skin wrinkle? By understanding what causes the skin to develop wrinkles as we age, scientists can work at creating products to prevent them and, importantly, we can do all we can to minimise wrinkles from forming in the first place.


What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles, or creases, folds and ridges in the skin, develop when collagen fibres and elastic tissue breaks down.

What causes wrinkles and how can we prevent them?

Wrinkles appear as a result of natural ageing processes but also due to prolonged exposure to the sun, repeated facial expressions, smoking, and dehydration. Of course, as we age, all of the aforementioned factors also add up, amounting to greater wrinkle formation. We can’t turn back time but we can help to prevent or minimise wrinkles by taking precautions.

Natural ageing – as we age, the cell turnover process slows and elastin, which gives the skin its elasticity, and collagen, which supports the skin, degrade, leading to a loss of suppleness and smoothness and the formation of wrinkles. Mature skin is also less able to hold onto moisture and natural oils, which dehydrates the skin. Using an anti-ageing moisturiser from the age of 25 will help to slow down the ageing process, as will the following tips. Remember to constantly update your skincare regime to suit your developing and maturing skin and watch out for the newest technologies in anti-ageing skincare – the industry is constantly evolving and breakthroughs occur all the time.

Photo-ageing – lines and wrinkles form from repeated unprotected exposure to the sun, causing collagen and elastic tissue in the skin to degrade and it is for this reason that sun exposure is the top cause of premature skin ageing. It is important to apply sunscreen every day, as even when it appears to be cloudy the sun’s powerful rays will still reach your skin.

Facial expressions – frowning, squinting and smiling all cause the skin to form temporary lines which, as we age, become more permanent in the dermis. These repeated expressions break the collagen and elastic fibres that form the skin’s structural integrity. There’s nothing we can do to stop ourselves from making facial expressions – and nor would we want to – but be aware of deep frowning when you concentrate and always wear sunglasses in sunny weather to prevent squinting. Using an eye cream will also help to minimise laughter lines around the eyes.

Smoking – smoking not only decreases the capillary flow to the skin, depriving it of oxygen and nutrients essential to healthy skin, but smokers produce less collagen. Repeated dragging on cigarettes and squinting from smoke also leads to deep wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. The solution? Quit smoking.

Having worked in the beauty industry for nearly a decade, journalist and copywriter Emily Buckley is a die-hard follower of beauty trends and technologies and is currently writing a series of skincare articles in conjunction with MitoQ, a breakthrough anti-ageing formula which works to rejuvenate skin cells for younger looking skin.

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Ageing with less Wrinkles

Are there secrets to have a wrinkle free skin? Do we really need to avail services of a reputed dermatology clinic? 
Be aware of the fact that sunlight ages the skin. As we become older, fine lines are beginning to appear on the parts of our body where sun exposure is at its greatest, in our face, neck, or at the back of our hands.  
Every now and then I check and monitor if I already have a crow’s feet from the outer corner of my eyes .  My dermatologist taught me if I will not tend to these crow’s feet lines, it will deepen and expand.  We can reduce wrinkle appearance by applying preventive measures. It may not totally lessen the lines but lines may appear smaller and finer which may be unnoticeable in a glance.
Aside from sun exposure, one’s occupation and outdoor recreational activities are some added factors that promotes wrinkles.
I minimize wrinkle appearance through:
  • Avoiding the sun, I always bring my umbrella whenever I will go out and commute for an errand. 
  • I wear sunscreen, the higher the SPF (Sun protection Factor) the better. 
  • I refrain from squinting, that’s why I wear my eyeglasses or reading glasses when I work in front of my laptop. Frequent squinting also causes wrinkling face skin. 
  • I try to sleep at least 6-7 hours nightly. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are always included in my daily meal. 
  • Drinking plenty of fluids,water or juice. No more soda for me as much as possible 
  • I learned that it is not good to over wash our face, the skin has natural oils that moisturize and protect the skin from wrinkles, and frequent face washing will strip off the natural oil 
  • I use the right facial cleanser suited for my skin type.
  • As of now I only use topical treatments such as moisturizers before I sleep at night, I also apply intense collagen anti-wrinkle serum and resurface deep wrinkle serum. 


my favorite facial products
Well, as long as I will continue my facial regimen I think I will still be far from cosmetic procedures.  Maybe, I will just opt for glycolic acid peels or diamond peel because I do not want to undergo laser resurfacing, botox or plastic surgery procedures. 
Here is my latest picture, can you guess how old am I?  Honestly, it is not edited in photoshop, no make-up, only a touch of lipstick and face powder